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“The Nightmare Scenario” And Everything Else: The Full French Election Matrix

Yesterday, we presented a Deutsche Bank research report which tried to evaluate whether, despite polls suggesting otherwise, a Le Pen-Melenchon first round victory was possible in the French election this coming Sunday. In a surprising break from the conventional wisdom, this is what DB concluded: Melenchon’s rise in the polls has been one of the […]

Bundesbank Repatriates Gold From New York, Paris “Faster Than Planned”

In January of 2016, the Bundesbank announced that three years after commencing the transfer of some of its offshore-held gold from vaults located at the Banque de France in Paris and the NY Fed in New York, it had repatriated a total of 366.3 tonnes, bringing the German central bank’s gold reserves held in Frankfurt […]

Bundesbank Confirms German Gold Held By FED, BOE and Banque De France / May 15, 2012 Gold’s London AM fix this morning was USD 1,559.00, EUR 1,213.61 and GBP 969.95 per ounce. Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,563.00, EUR 1,213.79 and GBP 972.62 per ounce. Gold fell $22.70 to close at $1,558.60/oz in New York yesterday. Gold edged up in early Asian trading to $1,560/oz prior […]

Is the Banque de France eager to show it still has its gold?

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc. 9:24p ET Monday, March 12, 2012 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: After the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany, maybe gold suspicion now has struck France, for the Banque de France has just granted a newspaper reporter, Le Figaro’s Katia Clarens, a tour of its vast gold vault […]