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Inflation Surges as Economy Bogs Down in Mexico / by Don Quijones / Nov 30, 2017 Bank of Mexico caught in a vise. In the last week, the governor of the Bank of Mexico (or Banxico), Augustin Carstens, stepped down in order to take over the reins as general manager of the Bank for International Settlements in Basil, Switzerland, while Finance Minister José Antonio Meade, handed […]

Peso Strengthens After Banxico Hikes Rates For 7th Time In A Row Amid Soaring Inflation / by Tyler Durden / Jun 22, 2017  2:09 PM Mexico’s central bank raised borrowing costs for a seventh straight time as the country’s annual inflation rate more than doubled since September. The hike was expected by all but one of 27 economists and the peso (which rallied into the decision) is extending gains. Some more details: Banxico Removes […]

BANK OF MEXICO REVEALS: WHERE ARE ITS GOLD RESERVES? / By Guillermo Barba / domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012 Last year the story went around the world: Banco de México (Banxico) refused to reveal in what country its reserves of gold were stored. Mexico was on the world stage as regards gold, after it purchased 93 tonnes, and rose in the global […]

Letter to Hugo Salinas-Price: Forget a Silver Backed Currency, Mexico’s Got To Bring Its Gold Reserves Home / By SV / October 16, 2012 Last year the Bank of Mexico did not reveal the location of its gold reserves for national security purposes.  This came after it purchased 93 tonnes of gold. The Federal Transparency Law in Mexico, however, has forced Banxico to state the amount of its gold holdings as […]