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ECB Preview: “Will He, Or Won’t He”, And Now To Trade The Announcement

Will he, or won’t he? Tomorrow was supposed to be the ECB meeting when Mario Draghi unveils the “guidance switch”, hinting if not at the (eventual) interest rate increase then at least a small step toward a QE exit. And then today’s Bloomberg trial balloon hit. As reported earlier, a Bloomberg “sources” story suggested that […]

Inflation Is About To Spike Due To The “Base Effect”

This past May we explained that one of the officially stated reasons why the Fed had delayed hiking rates (a situation that remains unchanged some 5 months later) is because CPI inflation in late 2015 and early 2016 had been lower than the Fed’s bogey. And, based at least on the CPI’s basket weighing of […]

“All Eyes On Central Banks” In September, But “No Reason To Smile”

Submitted by Saxo Bank Head of Macro Analysis, Christopher Dembik via, Case for a US rate hike remains strong ahead of September FOMC meeting ECB almost certain to extend QE programme RBA changes governors as CPI expansion tumbles Norwegian inflation high and rising, housing bubble in focus Coup attempt derails Turkish economy, further easing […]

S&P Downgrades European Union From AA+ To AA – Full Text

First S&P downgraded the UK, now it’s the EU’s turn. Long-Term Rating On Supranational Institution The European Union Lowered To ‘AA’ On Brexit Referendum; Outlook Stable The European Union (EU) supranational borrows on the capital markets to lend  to member states and certain other governments on a back-to-back basis. The  long-term rating on the EU […]

ZeroHedge: With ‘Recovery’ Disproved, There Is Every Need To Examine The Worst Case

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Submitted by Jeffrey Snider via Alhambra Investment Partners, There is a great deal that is wrong with mainstream economic commentary, starting with its unwavering devotion to orthodox economics and unshakable faith in their “stimulus.” No matter how little is actually […]

ZeroHedge: The Enabler & The Lifeline: Diamond Resorts & Quorum FCU

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Submitted by Roddy Boyd via Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation, Purchase, New York is a woodsy, suburban hamlet on the Connecticut state line that’s known as much for its residents' extraordinary wealth as it is for being the headquarters address for […]

ZeroHedge: S&P Enters The Latest European Scandal: Downgrades Poland From A- To BBB+

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Over the past week, Poland’s relations with Europe have gone from cordial to abysmal, when first Poland’s new Eurosceptic government compared the EU and Merkel to Nazis, with Polish weekly Wprost releasing the following cover saying “they want to supervise […]

Banco De Portugal Indicates The ECB Stress Test Was A Complete ‘Sham’

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that after a period of relative quietness on the European front, something was bound to happen again. Even though it has been less than six months since Greece had to close its banks in an attempt to stop a bank run, it feels like it has been an eternity as the […]

Has The Fed Ever (Accurately) Predicted A Recession?

Submitted by Peter Diekmeyer via, In a recent survey not a single major central bank could provide an example of an accurate “a priori” recession forecast. The silence from the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, BOE, BOJ and the Bank of Canada is deafening. Precious metals investors rely heavily on economic projections when deciding […]

Presenting SocGen’s 5 Black Swans For 2016

If you’re the type who likes black swans this has been the month for you.  On the political front, Portugal’s Socialists, led by Antonio Costa, formed an alliance with the Left Bloc and the Communists on the way to overthrowing the Passos Coelho government and presaging a repudiation of Berlin’s brand of fiscal rectitude. This […]