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Artist’s Impression Of Mainstream Media In 2017

Chasing tall tales…   Source: Ben Garrison

Le Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Presented with no comment…   Source: Ben Garrison

The T Report: Central Banks, Solvency, Liquidity, & Budget Deficits / By Peter Tchir /  August 31, 2012 Once again, the fate of the world or at least the markets rests on the shoulder of two men. Ben and Mario hold center stage over the next few days. I believe Ben will disappoint and rather than highlighting what can be done, will take this opportunity […]


Peter Schiff reacts to the breakout rally of gold and silver in the wake of Federal Reserve meeting notes suggesting more money-printing on the way. How To Take Immediate Action: Call 1-888-GOLD-160 (1-888-465-3160) to talk to a Euro Pacific Precious Metals Specialist right now. Go to and a Specialist will call you back at […]

20 Global Implications Of French Presidential Election / By Daniel R. Amerman / May 17, 2012 Forget the anemic latest US jobs report – the world is in play, and the election of Francois Hollande as the President of France may do more to determine US unemployment rates (and global investment results) in the next year than anything that Ben Bernanke […]

Gold’s GOR Fest / By Gary Tanashian / May 17, 2012 Even after the blow off in silver and gold’s euro hysteria-induced blow off I did not expect a repeat of the 2008 crash in the HUI Gold Bugs index to happen given the state of the real price of gold (RPG) today as compared to the […]

Bob Chapman Doesn’t Think Apple Can Save Europe

Bob Chapman appears on the Financial Survival Network with Kerry Lutz to discuss the imminent failure of Spain and Italy. Riots, banks being burned out and chaos are the order of the day. But not much of it is being reported in the United States.

Osama Bin Bernanke A HERO?

The Atlantic Magazine praises Ben Bernanke for saving the global economy. Could that be true? Let’s look at some of the facts regarding his tenure at the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve in general. Major banker run propaganda shows me someth…

The truth about rising gas prices, the stock market, & Warren Buffett’s tax rate

Schiff Report Video Blog Feb. 27th 2012

Ben Davies: Greece is Just a Preview of What’s Coming For the Rest of Us

A conversation between Chris Martenson and Ben Davies of Hinde Capital.