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Bitcoin: The Best Investment of the Last Five Years / By Callum Newman / November 30th, 2013 What was the best investment of the last five years? You could have spent hours analysing industries, credit, supply and demand, capital flows, P/E ratios and dividend yields, or you could have saved yourself the trouble and bought Bitcoin. As Bill Bonner noted this week, if you had put $10,000 […]

On Gold — Billionaire Investor Eric Sprott Says : ‘I’m in Alex Cowie’s Camp’ / By Dan Denning / April 1st, 2013 Dear Reader, The ‘Masters of the Market’ are a tricky bunch. I’m talking about the tiny club of professional billionaire investors who tend to be a few steps ahead of everyone else. Most Masters keep their motives and intentions well and truly hidden. Or they only share what they […]