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SNAP Surges Above $40 Billion – Bigger Than Ebay Or Sony

Desperate buyers  – fearful of missing out on the next Facebook – are panic-bidding Snap’s stock price this morning. Up 17% to $29 the cash-losing company is now worth almost $41 billion – more than Ebay or Sony… We wil have to wait for Monday/Tuesday for the shorts to appear (T+3)…   The question seems […]

Mediocre Demand For “Tailing”, 7Y Treasury

If Tuesday’s 2Year auction surprised to the upside thanks to trading rather special in repo, and yesterday’s 5Y auction was poorly received with no repo tightness, then today’s 7Y auction of $28 billion in Treasuries was set to be the most disappointing of all, after it was trading at a generous +0.50% in the repo […]