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Bid To Cover Tumbles In Ugly, Tailing 7 Year Auction

After two mediocre, tailing auctions, moments ago the Treasury sold $28 billion in 7 year paper in this week’s final bond issuance and it was the ugliest of all. Stopping at a high yield of 2.28%, this was a tail of 0.8bps – the first since July – to the 2.272% When Issued and the […]

Spectacular 7 Year Auction: Record Indirects, Soaring Bid To Cover

After a strong 2 Year on Tuesday, poor 5 Year on Wednesday we close the week with the Treasury’s sale of $28 billion in 7 Year paper in what can only be described as a spectacular auction. The high yield priced at 2.084%, stopping 2bps through the 2.104%, the biggest gap between the two going […]

Mediocre, Tailing 30Y Auction Concludes This Week’s Treasury Issuance

With the 30Y trading comfortably in repo today, with no tightness as indicated by the +0.7% repo rate, it seemed possible that the auction would join this week’s previous 2 auctions of 3 and 10 Year paper by printing with a modest tail. So when the Treasury announced results from today’s 29-Year 10-Month reopening, few […]

Mediocre Demand For “Tailing”, 7Y Treasury

If Tuesday’s 2Year auction surprised to the upside thanks to trading rather special in repo, and yesterday’s 5Y auction was poorly received with no repo tightness, then today’s 7Y auction of $28 billion in Treasuries was set to be the most disappointing of all, after it was trading at a generous +0.50% in the repo […]