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SHTFplan: Dave Murphy: Will Monsanto’s Loss Result In Less Poison In Our Food?

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This report was originally published by Adam Taggart at PeakProsperity In November 2016, a very concerning report — Glyphosate: Unsafe On Any Plate — was released by The Detox Project and Food Democracy Now!, raising the alarm of the high levels of glyphosate in the US food supply and the (deliberate?) low […]

How to avoid a Soviet-style grocery store / by Simon Black / May 23, 2012 Let’s face it– our modern consumer society makes things easy… we don’t have to think about, or even know how to ‘do’ ANYTHING, from lawn care to vehicle maintenance to carpentry. While it may be convenient, this level of specialization does breed a certain amount of dependency… and nowhere […]