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Bill O’Reilly Gets $25 Million From Fox News As Final Payout / by Tyler Durden / Apr 20, 2017 With Bill O’Reilly officially ousted by Fox News, there was speculation whether the former Fox anchorman would receive a lump sump payout as a parting settlement considering that O’Reilly signed a new 4 year contract just before being ousted. It has now been confirmed by FT and CNN […]

Bill O’Reilly Issues Statement On Fox News Termination

While it is hardly the last thing Bill O’Reilly will say on the matter, in his official parting statement over his Fox News termination, while O’Reilly slams the decision by Murdoch to terminate him, saying “It is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims” he leaves on a high note, saying […]

The US Is Committed To Redistribute Income / By Gold Silver Worlds / January 4, 2013 Bill O’Reilly discusses President Obama’s true agenda on Fox News. Apart from confirming that the President has succeeded in raising taxes on every working American, what is of more interest to us, is the presentator’s view on the unintended consequences on the economy. Unintended consequences on the economy of […]