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Scientists Look For A Cure For Politically Undesirable Behavior

Via GEFIRA, The ‘Free World’ has taken on where the Soviet scientists and psychiatrists left off. German and American scientists of renowned Universities in Bonn and Lübeck do research on treatment for politically undesirable behaviour like their Soviet colleagues from the infamous Serbsky Central Research Institute in Moscow. In the Soviet Union people who protested […]

Chicago PMI Explodes Higher, Beats By 5 Standard Deviations

Everything is awesome again in Chicago apparently… Against expectations of a modest drop from 58.9 to 58.7, MNI's Chicago Business Barometer exploded higher to 65.2 in September…   This is well above the highest analyst expectation and 5 standard deviations above expectations… Under the hood, it's also awesome… Prices paid rose at a faster pace, […]

Human Guinea Pigs: Congress Slams Door On Pentagon Biochemical Weapons Testing Declassification

In the 1960’s and 1970’s the US government tested chemical and biological weapons on US troops in still little known secret programs called Projects 112 and SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defense). The Vietnam era tests involved some 6,000 military personnel being subject to experiments involving deadly nerve agents like sarin and VX, as well as […]

7 Years of Work on Food Forest Destroyed Over Permit

Via The Daily Bell Imagine working for seven years to build a community food forest. It would be a very fulfilling project to take a neighborhood and transform it into a living food source full of fruit trees, luscious vines, and edible ground cover. And imagine all your hard work being torn away in an […]

The Arctic Doomsday Seed Vault To Save The World… Has Flooded Thanks To Global Warming

Having first been used in 2015 to save Syrian biodiversity, the Arctic stronghold for the world’s seeds – designed to rescue humanity in case of doomsday – has flooded after permafrost melts due to global warming. While no seeds were lost, The Guardian writes that the ability of the rock vault to provide failsafe protection […]

Alex Jones Invites Media to Discuss His Child Custody Trial, Then Delivers His Magnum Opus

The media was gleefully cheering on the specter of Jones losing sole custody of his children. So he invited them to the front of the courthouse to discuss the facts about the trial, and then about 15 minutes in started to redpill them on things, like chimeras and other wondrous and nightmarish mutations. This was […]

Scientist Warns That Gene Editing Could Wipe Out Future Generations Of Geniuses

Submitted by Josepth Jankowski via, While the development of new genome-editing technology that could one day ensure that children do not inherit unwanted diseases and disorders sounds like a magnificent breakthrough, one scientist is warning that the latest technology runs the risk of eliminating future geniuses like Thomas Edison and Stephen Hawking. According to Dr. Jim […]

Hackers Meet Biology: Bio-Renaissance or the Makings of a Killer?

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Alex Daley / October 10, 2013 One of the benefits of closely following the progress of technology is that we get to witness the dreams of science fiction become reality, on what is becoming an almost daily basis. […]