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Cryptos Are Tumbling Again As Bitcoin2x Fork Looms / by Tyler Durden / Thu, 12/28/2017 – 13:58 Having rebounded well off the overnight lows after South Korean regulators headlines, cryptocurrencies are crashing lower once again here with Litecoin and Bitcoin leading the drop… Volume is considerably lower on this drop… No immediate catalyst for this latest move yet, but after some earlier disruptions, BitStamp and Gemini have […]

Bitcoin Futures Crash Over $2000 From Open, Converge To Bitcoin Spot

Update: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Futures have collapsed since the futures opened… Dropping over $2200 to converge with spot… *  *  * Both CME and CBOE Bitcoin Futures contracts opened above $20,000 this evening (with Bitcoin spot hovering around $19,000). However, as soon as trading started, Bitcoin futures got hammered lower.   Those expecting a surge […]

Bitcoin’s Growing Price Gap Between Exchanges Creates Potential Headaches For Futures Trading

On Thursday, as the Bitcoin price made record high after record high, spiking to somewhere between $16,000-19,500, it was one of the top stories across mainstream media outlets, never mind Reuters, Bloomberg and the FT. However, what exactly was the all-time high for Bitcoin? Because of Bitcoin's growing "price gap", it depended where you looked. […]

Professional Bitcoin Mining in China / Pater Tenebrarum / February 17, 2015  A Major Mining Operation Since recovering from a brief plunge to $150 intraday in January, Bitcoin has moved in a trading range roughly between $210 and $270. Most recently the currency traded around $235. As we will explain further below, at what price Bitcoin changes hands may actually be […]

Bitcoin Heist: $5 Million

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / by Gary North / January 6, 2015 Bitcoins are now around $276 each. The rout continues. Now there is this bad news. Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp has frozen accounts and transactions while it investigates a breach. Hackers have stolen more than […]

What Will Come Of The Senate Hearing On Bitcoin?

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / November 9, 2013 The meeting in Senate on November 18 will surely be historical, at the very least from Bitcoin’s perspective. Never before has the legislator gathered ’round in such a formal manner to discuss the darling of cyberpunks […]