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Murder Of Green Berets In Jordan Exposed Secretive CIA Syria Program Details

"The Jordanian government had a strong incentive to gloss over the murders of the three Green Berets.  Likewise, the CIA was scared of potential blowback and the exposing of their covert program," says investigative journalist Jack Murphy, himself an Army special forces veteran. A premeditated green-on-blue attack in Jordan outside of King Faisal Air Base (at […]

As Terror Attacks Hit Home, U.S. Caught “Bombing Syria to Aid ISIS”

Terrorism has again gripped the homeland, and there is circular causality in all of it. Are we so distracted by what happens with the right hand, that we cannot see what the left hand is doing? The nation is in a state of shock after one of the largest terror attacks ever conducted on American […]

Is Zika Outbreak Blowback From the Release of GM Mosquitoes? “Nature Finds A Way”

This article was written by Brandon Turbeville and originally published at Natural Editor’s Comment: As Florida descends into martial law by going door-to-door and forcing residents to submit urine samples, while aerial spraying and other inadvisable tactics are used in the name of controlling Zika, it is well worth noting that the roots of […]

Austerity & Extremism

azizonomics / April 30, 2012 I noted yesterday that anything the government gives you, the government can take away, and that dependency on government services — which might be withdrawn — leaves citizens weak and unfree. One cause for the withdrawal of government that I neglected to mention (intentionally, as I hoped someone would pick […]