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Bob Woodward Blasts MSM: “Fair-Mindedness Is Essential If You Want People To Trust You”

After being tripped up by a series of embarrassing events this week, including a “fake news” story which resulted in the “resignation” of three CNN ‘journalists’ and two undercover videos from Project Veritas which reveal CNN insiders describing their own network’s ‘Russian collusion’ narrative as “mostly bullshit” and “a big nothing burger‘, the mainstream media […]

Watergate’s Bernstein Warns Trump White House “Potentially More Dangerous” Than Nixon’s

Infamous Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein, having criticized both Comey and Clinton in recent months, is now taking aim at President Trump. In a Sunday interview on CNN, Bernstein said current White House conditions could be more dangerous than the Watergate scandal. As The Hill reports, Bernstein referred to President Trump's decision to fire former FBI […]

Colonel Shaffer: “I Believe This is Much Worse Than Watergate”

The noose is tightening Obamafags. While you occupy yourselves by injecting heroin into your scrawny arms at one of your Antifa meetups, AG Sessions is preparing the groundwork to end the legacy of King Obama — sending him barreling towards a scandal far greater than anything Nixon ever did — crushing and poleaxing any hopes […]

Watergate’s Bob Woodward: “Press Shouldn’t Whine About Trump, It Doesn’t Work With The Public”

Infamous Watergate reporter Bob Woodward had some uncomfortable words for the mainstream media’s safe-space-seekers. Following a tempestuous few days as the media and the White House toss propaganda grenades at one another, on Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball” show, the Washington Post Associate Editor stated that: the press “shouldn’t whine, and if we sound like […]

Bob Woodward’s Obama Slam / By Adam English / Thursday, February 28th, 2013 Sequestration is all but guaranteed and politicians are doing everything they can to make sure something doesn’t happen: Getting blamed for it. Unfortunately for the Obama administration, a third-party is making their efforts to pin the blame on congressional Republicans far more difficult. Bob Woodward, the legendary journalist […]