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Who Is Reggie Middleton & What Is BoomBustBlog?

This short delves into the iconic, idiosyncratic, ever so slightly eccentric and intellectually aggressive entrepreneurial investor and financial analyst known as Reggie Middleton. Using full contact street fighting to draw corollaries between the sell side of Wall Street, the mainstream media and the new media vehicle known as BoomBustBlog from which Mr. Middleton publishes, this […]

Reggie Middleton is Proven Correct on the Disastrous Consequences of ZIRP and Free Money Policy

Reggie Middleton is proven correct on his highly contrarian call that ZIRP will end up hurting or killing some banks.

Intellectually Aggressive Analysis: When A Big Bank Goes Bad!

A stunning expose on on the Too Big To Fail Banks, Bank of America in particular, from the most controversial and hardest hitting pundit on Wall Street – Reggie Middleton and his BoomBustBlog – using Bruce Lee and real street fighting style martial art…

Reggie Middleton’s BoomBustBlog Occupy Wall Street Documentary 10-5-11

A look at the "Occupy Wall Street" movement that the MSM won’t show you.