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MSNBC Catches Illegals Jumping Border Fence With Mexico As It Reports On Trump’s Wall

In an delightfully ironic lesson why border protection is important for the US, an MSNBC crew was reporting on the prototypes of Trump’s proposed border wall near San Diego, when the interview was interrupted by a group of “migrants not from Mexico” hopping over the existing fence. “What happened?” the MSNBC reporter shouts as a […]

Authorities Fear Civil Unrest, Buy Up Gear To “Arrest, Disperse, Control Riots”

This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Editor’s Comment: This has been an ongoing theme for many years now, as police and even the military train to use domestic crowd control and martial law tactics against American citizens. Yet, with potential catastrophe looming over the economy, and the country […]

Ad Shows Army Prepping for Martial Law: “This Is Not Battle Training. This Is Riot Control”

Will martial law be declared on American soil? Will economic collapse and urban riots result in the final and total loss of civil liberties right here at home? It could happen, and it is one of the “eventualities” that the military is preparing for, though they are constitutionally barred from being used domestically against the […]

Illegal Immigration And Gangs: Someday Our Cities Will Burn Because We Didn’t Protect Our Borders / By Michael Snyder on July 22nd, 2014 Did you know that the number of illegal immigrants that enter Texas each week is greater than the number of babies being born to citizens of that state?  The mainstream media is shining the spotlight very brightly on all of the children that are coming over, and there is […]

Catalonia & Spain

I wrote a book once called Investment Biker and in that book I made the point that I know of no country in history, in the world as we know it, that has lasted as long as 200 years with the same borders or the same government. So, it would be normal if more countries […]

Inhuman Rights: Activists demand EU treat immigrants fairly

Activists are demanding European governments treat immigrants fairly, after Amnesty International said the EU seems to care more about securing their borders than people’s lives. The Human rights group claims countries have been endangering asylum seekers by turning away African boats. But the troubles aren’t over for those who do reach Europe’s shores, as RT’s […]

Why you need a second passport

Sovereign Man by Simon Black March 29, 2012 Santiago, Chile It wasn’t too long ago that nearly every human being lived their entire lives without traveling more than 10-miles from home. For the small handful of people who actually did venture out, you could make it across the globe with no official documents whatsoever. This […]