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Infrastructure Emergency: 50,000 American Bridges Are “Structurally Deficient”

This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge Last week, President Trump announced his proposal for a $1.5 trillion infrastructure program in his State of The Union address to the American people. He failed to mention that over the next decade, the federal government would provide very little money whatsoever for America’s crumbling bridges, […]

Mexico’s Drug Violence: Six Corpses Found Hanging From 3 Bridges Near Tourist Location

Well-known tourist spot, Los Cabos in Mexico was currently the scene of a gruesome sight, but it’s unfortunately, all in common for the area. Six corpses have been found hanging from three bridges and authorities believe the deaths to be drug cartel and gang-related. The popular resort of Los Cabos is on the southern tip […]

America Too Broke to Fix Crumbling Infrastructure? “Bridges, Roads, Airports In Long Term Collapse”

Public domain image, CC0 (source) This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at the Economic Collapse blog. Editor’s Comment: It is certainly solid to suggest that the entire national infrastructure is in bad need of an overhaul. Bridges, roads, tunnels, sewage, water pipes, the electric grid and more are corroded, toxic, faulty […]