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Is Bridgewater A Fraud? Here Are The Troubling Questions Posed By Jim Grant

Jim Grant, author of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, first hinted last week that not all is well when it comes to the world’s biggest hedge fund, Ray Dalio’s $160 billion Bridgewater (of which one half is the world’s biggest risk-parity juggernaut). Speaking to Bloomberg last week, Grant said he was “bearish” on Bridgewater because founder […]

Why The World’s Billionaire Investors Buy Precious Metals

There are always lessons that can be learned from the “smart money”. Unlike regular investors, Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes that billionaire money managers like Ray Dalio and Stan Druckenmiller are professional investors. They have entire institutional teams at their disposal, dive deep into the nuances and complexities of the market, and spend every waking […]

Risk Parity Panic? Stocks, Bonds Dumped At Open

Is this the risk parity fund blow that many have been worried about? Dow drops below 21k, 30Y Yields nearing 3.10%… Something's breaking.   As a reminder, here is what Jim Bianco said over the weekend… To be clear, the stock bond relationship hasn’t changed yet. But you will know it’s happening when you see […]