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Another Step Towards The Sovietization Of American Media

Authored by James George Jatras via The Strategic Culture Foundation, This week the US Department of Justice Criminal Division forced the Russian-funded television network RT (formerly Russia Today) to register as a “foreign agent” under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Failure to comply would have risked arrest of RT’s management and seizure of its […]

Russia Warns It Will Retaliate Against American Media Next Week

It has been over a month since Russia and the US engaged in political tit-for-tat escalations, but that is about to change: after a recent crackdown by the U.S. government, which ordered state broadcaster RT to register as a foreign agent following accusations it interfered in last year’s presidential elections, and which saw Twitter ban […]

Swamptalk: Failing POTUS, The Art of the Squeal, and Lady Liberty Weeps

It wasn’t the best of weeks for Donny Boo Boo, nor for Lady Liberty. Donny’s on a losing streak that might rival his six bankruptcies for overall failure and futility. He also has gone into full Ned Beatty ‘Deliverance’ mode, squealing like a pig on Twitter for his inbred base. On the plus side—call it […]

North Korea Fires ICBM Missile; Flies 45 Minutes, Lands In Japan Waters

Perhaps sensing that Trump is rather vulnerable right now, and confirming reports from two days ago that an ICBM launch is imminent, moments ago Japan’s NHK reported that North Korea has fired “what appears to be a missile”, which Kyodo has since classified as an ICBM, which landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone. The Pentagon, […]

Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox News For NBC

Trump is on a roll: having dispatched of Ford’s Mexican facility plans, followed shortly by the GOP’s proposal to overhaul the independent Ethics office just just a handful of tweets, moments ago the NYT reported that Trump’s old Fox News nemesis, Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox to join NBC. According to the Times report, Kelly […]

MTV Removes Racist ‘Hey Fellow White Guy’s Video’; But the Internet Remembers

I can go a lot of ways with this material. I could trigger many of you to breathe fire over the racist MTV video that mocked and demonized white males, but what’s the point? These people are irrelevant and ineffective. They’re losing the culture wars, targeting the largest group of people (white males) in the […]

Putin Says Assassination Of Russian Ambassador Is Provocation Aimed At Disrupting Syria Peace Process

In a televized statement on state TV, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the “blackguard” assassination on Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, who was killed by a gunman on Monday in what Russia dubbed a terrorist act, “is obviously a provocation aimed at disrupting the normalization of Russian-Turkish relations and the failure of the peace process […]

Obama, The Divider in Chief, Invokes Reagan ‘Rolling Over in His Grave’ in Attempt to Shame Republicans into Hating Putin

The agitprop out of the White House isn’t working these days, thanks to the advent of fake news of course. Following weeks of hysteria, following Donald J. Trump’s triumphant victory of Hillary Clinton and Obama’s legacy, Obama took to the podium for one last time to divide Americans — this time invoking the revered late […]

Obama Told Putin To “Cut It Out” On Hacking

In a roughly 20 minute answer to the pre-vetted and scripted question by an AP reporter, in which Obama was asked what his response to “Russian hacking” would be, Obama said there may be a response however – taking a page of the Trump playbook – he would not reveal what it will be, “just […]

The Ultimate “Fake News” List

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones, originally posted at, Isn’t it ironic how the mainstream media has the nerve to lecture everyone else about “fake news” when they are the primary source of fake news on a consistent basis stretching back years? Fake news stories and fake narratives put out by the […]