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John Embry – The IMF’s Warning, Desperate Bullion Banks And Why Their Masters No Longer Care / October 12, 2016 On the heels of the recent plunge in gold and silver, today John Embry spoke with King World News about the IMF’s warning, desperate bullion banks and why their masters no longer care. The IMF Issues Another Warning John Embry:  “Eric, I am fascinated that the IMF came out with a cautionary note on […]

When The Global Ponzi Scheme Is Exposed There Is Going To Be A Massive Panic / May 03, 2016 With stocks tumbling, today a market veteran warned that when the global Ponzi scheme is exposed, there is going to be a massive panic. John Embry:  “Right now I’m focused on the desperation of the anti-gold cartel, which is intensifying as gold and silver have recently marched higher in the face of […]

Keith Barron: Hyperinflation, yes, but not where we expected / CHRIS POWELL / January 14, 2015 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Mining entrepreneur Keith Barron notes this week that asset hyperinflation is everywhere except in the monetary metals, circumstances he attributes to manipulation of those markets by central banks and their agent bullion banks. Barron’s commentary is headlined “Hyperinflation, Yes, But Not Where We […]

Bullion Bank Leverage Soars to Near 300:1 / By Turd Ferguson / November 4, 2015 Just when you thought that the perversion of the paper “markets” couldn’t get any worse… The disgustingly-leveraged JOKE that is Comex reached another dubious milestone yesterday as Scotia Mocatta reclassified over 79,000 ounces (2.5 mts) of “gold” from their registered category. By journaling this “gold” into the eligible […]

El Salvador’s gold reserves, the BIS, and the bullion banks / by Ronan Manly / 27 Apr 2015 According to a Reuters report from 24 April, the central bank of El Salvador, Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador (BCR), sold approximately 80% of its gold reserves during March 2015. This sale comprised 5.412 tons of gold and raised $206 million for the Bank. Reuters initiated its story […]

Bitcoin speculators being crushed will they now move into silver? / 07 October 2014 Every market has its favorite speculative asset and for the past few years the electronic funny money Bitcoin has ruled this roost. Yesterday Bitcoin rebounded from a 20 per cent sell-off over the weekend. But year-to-date speculators in this novel specie have lost 40 per cent of their money in dollar […]

Demand for Physical Gold Remains Strong as Bullion Banks Suppress Prices / David Levenstein / September 30, 2014 September has been a poor month for precious metals. Gold is down 5.2%, despite it being gold’s strongest month from a seasonal perspective. The price fall means that gold is heading for the first quarterly loss this year. As a dollar-driven rally spurred by U.S. economic growth and after the […]

Bullion Banks: Unexpected Allies / Stewart Thomson / August 12, 2014 Most investors buy gold because they are nervous about the financial system, government debt/bureaucracy, central bank money printing, and dangerous geopolitical developments.  In a nutshell, that’s the “fear trade” for gold. The fear trade is a great reason to own a core position in gold now, and forever.  Gold should […]

Miles Franklin Q & A: Bullion Banks / Miles Franklin, Ltd / July 30th, 2014 Q:  What is a bullion bank?  The term is used all the time, but not defined as to what and who they are. David Schectman’s Answer: The Blanchard Company offers this explanation: Bullion Banks: Smarter than the Rest of Us or Just More Informed? – Bullion banks are […]

The Empty Vaults of London / By Turd Ferguson / April 20, 2014 at 4:06 pm With the price smashes of the past few weeks, the increasing desperation of the bullion banks seems palpable. First, a recap (and don’t click the “play” button on the podcast player just yet)… The raid Tuesday occurred just as price reached firmly above $1320 and the all-important down […]