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Prepping: Billionaires Brace For The Apocalypse And New World Order

In the event that the entire economy collapses and food and become scarce, billionaires are looking for high-end places to hold out and await the new world order.  Many billionaires are now preparing for the apocalypse, and their survival plans don’t include anyone outside the global elites. Peter Thiel, the billionaire behind PayPal, is among […]

A Quick Glance At Bunkers That Will House Thousands During Nuclear Attack

A bunker built inside a hollowed-out mountain in Colorado is only one of many secret shelters where 7,000 Americans will go to hide out from devastating nuclear annihilation. But don’t get your hopes up.  These bunkers will only house the elites; those in government, while the rest struggle to survive. Garrett Graff, the author of […]

Elite Preparing to “Insulate From Revolution, Rebellion, Anarchy” After an Economic Collapse

It is no secret that the world is teetering dangerously close to disaster. Saving the system may be impossible, even if the powers that be delay or diffuse the worst of it for some time to come. Most people have no idea what to expect if it comes crashing down. But others have been prepping […]

While Refugee Crisis Explodes, Elite Burrow Into Bunkers: “They Want More Refugees to Distract”

‪Irish Defence Forces / Wikimedia Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0‬ After dragging the rest of the world into seemingly endless wars in the Middle East, policy makers and the major media outlets are now happy to flood the public with guilt-inducing reports about the refugee crisis now overwhelming Europe and threatening to undermine immigration policies throughout the […]

TSA Epic Fail – Big Business of Prepping – Vote of No – Empire & Commerce $1 Billion in TSA Scanners are Proved Worthless, TSA responds with propaganda; Big Business and Mainstream Media TV finds Prepping at the same time big business discovers a new profit center. TV illustrates people preparing for a "single" event such as a pandemic (and ignoring all else), blowing their own hand off via gun misfires, building under ground Mc-Mansion-Bunkers, or trying to hide their home (an eighty foot tractor trailer). History would have it that those over 50 will lose 10+ years of life expectancy as they die off due to medical neglect (as was the case during the collapse of the Soviet Union). I talk about how Empire and Commerce are intertwined. I also ask for input in designing an agenda via the voteofno website. Engineer suing the TSA