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Stephen Hawking: ‘Earth Will Become A Flaming Ball Of Fire By 2600’

Physicist and professor Stephen Hawking is warning that earth will become a flaming ball of fire by the year 2600. He also warns that if humans want to avoid permanent extinction, we should be making plans to evacuate the earth. Hawking claims that mankind will destroy the earth making it a fireball within the next […]

SHTFplan: Raw Venezuela: Looter Burned Alive, While “Streets Filled With People Killing Animals For Food”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. The situation in Venezuela is reaching all out chaos, as crippling socialist policies have resulted in a devastating power and food shortage, as well as looming political instability. The point was reached long ago where people were forced to wait in long lines for basic rations that […]

RussiaToday: Nakba Clashes: ‘Jews & Arabs hurt alike by split’

Clashes have broken out between protesters and Israeli security forces, as Palestinians mark Nakba – or Catastrophe – Day. They’re remembering the hundreds of thousands displaced after the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. RT’s Paula Slier repor…