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The Price Of Gold Spikes As Investors Get Spooked By Talk Of World War III And Nuclear Conflict

Whenever the world starts going crazy, investors instinctively begin flocking to precious metals.  So it wasn’t exactly a surprise when gold and silver prices started to move upward aggressively as global leaders continued to talk about the possibility of World War III and nuclear conflict.  The price of gold spiked to a five month high […]

Marc Faber Warns of A Looming Deflationary Collapse in 2017

WealthCycles Video Report – March 2015

Hello and Welcome to a Special March Edition of the WealthCycles Video Report.  In this episode, Mike is joined by Andy Tanner, the stock market expert from the Rich Dad Poor Dad organization.  They discuss the state of the stock market and tactics you can use to produce profits even at the top of the […]

Wealth Cycles Video Report – February 2015

  Hello and Welcome to the February 2015 edition of the WealthCylces Video Report.  The past month was relatively quiet after last month’s shock of the Swiss National Bank de-pegging from the euro, but a lot of lower profile events took place in the interim.  Be sure to watch this month’s report to get all […]

Asian Silver Demand, State Legal Tender Laws Signal Move to Gold, Silver

In May of 2012 we wrote Shanghai Exchange Begins Physical Silver Delivery Shanghai Silver, and an update is due, as since then, now almost two years on, an immense demand has emerged on par with the famed Asian love for the yellow metal. As you can see in the chart below, silver deliveries out of […]

Boycott the FED…Buy Silver / Ryan Jordan / December 19, 2013 There are several potential reasons to buy silver. For some, it is about inflation protection. For others it is about the financial privacy offered by a real asset. Still others look to own silver as a play on industrial demand, while other people own silver as insurance against social […]

Media Gets It Wrong — Debt Ceiling Suspended (Permanently), Not Raised

Suspended (permanently) Not Raised 1: A common misperception, which mainstream media editors carefully present (read any debt ceiling article over the past four weeks), and gold commentators quickly parrot, is that “the debt ceiling is raised.” This is untrue. The debt ceiling is suspended, in our view, permanently. Those who understand U.S. legislative procedure are […]

What Happens in a Market Downturn?

How will asset-backed securities fare in a market meltdown? Not-so-ancient historic data demonstrates than when stocks fall, so do other types of securities. When the stock market falls, historically, the value of assets falls, as scheduled repayment or predicted earnings becomes increasingly uncertain. In the chart below, one can see how in the 2008 market […]

Marc Faber on the next Fed chairman, China and gold

Marc Faber on the next Fed chairman, China and gold

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