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Chinese Army Documents Leak Set To Embarrass Beijing

Authored by Jan van der Made via RFI, In the vaults of’s self publishing market place, a growing series of books exposing China’s dark secrets is seeing the light. Six books with colorful covers, which constitute the “China Secrets” series, introduce a reader to the fascinating world of China’s internal – or neibu – […]

Paul Craig Roberts Warns Americans: “Oligarchic Rule Prevails Regardless Of Electoral Outcomes”

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, Do the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page editors read their own newspaper? The frontpage headline story for the Labor Day weekend was “Low Wage Growth Challenges Fed.” Despite an alleged 4.4% unemployment rate, which is full employment, there is no real growth in wages. The front page story pointed out […]

CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY NOW OFFERS BLACK-ONLY STUDENT HOUSING / JOSHUA KRAUSE / SEPTEMBER 7, 2016 The black community fought hard and made countless sacrifices to put an end to segregation in the United States. They put up with asinine laws and racial violence for decades before the government finally decided to treat them as equals. But ironically, some of the descendants of the people […]