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Silver Charts and Three possible outcomes 2012.06.22

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Total Cultural Brainwashing (and Deprogramming)

The “landscape of control!” W. Pollock. Jonestown got me thinking about the topic of Cults and Deprogramming. I have reached the conclusion that we are immersed in a giant “cult like experience” a total immersion of brainwashing. I started thinking and doing research The current din of “NOISE” is what people are trained to do, […]

$20 Silver Psychology and Science

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Silver Analysis {Coarse Language} 04.20.2012

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Mike Maloney on RT

LBMA Gold (My Video from February)

The Mission

The Mission

Good Evening Viewers
Currently the National Debt is over 15 trillion dollars and these are the figures
that have been reported from the united states government website.
We suspect that these figures are much larger,
but that particular is not important.
What is important is that the variables that are added to the noun debt can only
do one thing, and that is to keep on expanding based on the monopolies of the central bankers
This has resulted in every country having fiat currency bringing hunger to all nations.
Protests termed "Occupy Wall Street" has claimed that the one percent to be the problem
And Because of this economic model we have created a hazardous wealth inequality
One percent is the problem, because that is the tiny percentage of people aware this fraud.
Your mission should you choose to accept it is to educate as many civilians that you can.
You will have to find strategies and techniques as this job is not as easy as it sounds.
Consider this to be the greatest challenge of your life with great global rewards.
This video will self destruct in five seconds.
This currency will self destruct when your mission is accomplished.

Silver and Dow Fibonacci Retracement (01.19.2012)

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