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Imminent Emergency? FEMA Makes “Urgent Requirement” Request for Five Million Bottles Of Water

This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published on The Organic Prepper. Editor’s Comment: While we don’t know what the emergency is here, and there is no way of knowing if any sinister motives are involved in a simple request for water, it is evident enough that society is at its breaking point, […]

US Complains As Putin Bombs its Terrorists: “ISIS Is An Intentional Creation of U.S.”

This article was written by Tony Cartalucci and originally published at New Eastern Outlook. Editor’s Comment: What is happening with Putin right now is dramatic – after fourteen years of spreading fear about al Qaeda, and more recently ISIS, the United States has done little to slow or stop the groups. To the contrary, it […]

Fabian4Liberty: MONSANTO: my real experience

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