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We’re Living In The Age Of Capital Consumption

Authored by Ronald-Peter Stöferle via The Mises Institute, When capital is mentioned in the present-day political debate, the term is usually subject to a rather one-dimensional interpretation: Whether capital saved by citizens, the question of capital reserves held by pension funds, the start-up capital of young entrepreneurs or capital gains taxes on investments are discussed – […]

There Is Only One Way Out of Debt-Serfdom: Fanatic Frugality

Authored by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Debt is serfdom, capital in all its forms is freedom. If we accept that our financial system is nothing but a wealth-transfer mechanism from the productive elements of our economy to parasitic, neofeudal rentier-cartels and self-serving state fiefdoms, that raises a question: what do we do about it? […]