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The Zealous Pursuit Of State-Sponsored Collapse

Authored by EconomicPrism's MN Gordon via, When Bakers Go Fishing Government intervention into a nation’s economy is as foolish as attempting to control the sun’s rise and fall by law or force.  But that doesn’t mean governments don’t meddle each and every day with the best – and worst – of intentions.  The United […]

Watch Live: Janet Yellen Makes Final Appearance Before Congress

With only three weeks left until her final meeting as chairwoman of the FOMC, Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen today will make what's expected to be her final appearance before Congress when she delivers testimony to the Joint Economic Committee. The Fed was already widely expected to raise interest rates next month, but in case there […]

We’re Living In The Age Of Capital Consumption

Authored by Ronald-Peter Stöferle via The Mises Institute, When capital is mentioned in the present-day political debate, the term is usually subject to a rather one-dimensional interpretation: Whether capital saved by citizens, the question of capital reserves held by pension funds, the start-up capital of young entrepreneurs or capital gains taxes on investments are discussed – […]

Andy Xie Warns “The Bubble Economy Is Set To Burst” As Political Tension Soars

Authored by Andy Xie via The South China Morning Post, Central banks continue to focus on consumption inflation, not asset inflation, in their decisions. Their attitude has supported one bubble after another. These bubbles have led to rising ­inequality and made mass consumer inflation less likely. Since the 2008 financial crisis, asset inflation has fully […]

Are 401K Holders About To Feel A Savers Pain?

Authored by Mark St.Cyr, There’s an old truism people forget all too often. It has many variations and is attributed to even more, its core meaning goes something like this: “If the government can give it to you, than it can also take it away.” Some of you might be wondering if I’m talking about […]

Which Country Punishes Productive People The Most?

Submitted by Daniel Mitchell via The Foundation for Economic Education, Back in 2014, I shared some data from the Tax Foundation that measured the degree to which various developed nations punished high-income earners. This measure of relative “progressivity” focused on personal income taxes. And that’s important because that levy often is the most onerous for […]

Marx & Markets

Submitted by Paul Brodsky via, Warren Buffet famously said during the 1990s dot-com bubble that he did not invest in technology because he did not understand it. Although he subsequently took a meaningful stake in IBM (which may prove his point), we suspect his technological blind spot was in reality his awareness that no […]

China To Boost “Economic Growth” By Changing Definition Of GDP

In the summer of 2013, at a time when the topic of soaring US debt was still paramount to the US public (total debt is now a far more ludicrous, and gargantuan, $19.3 trillion but nobody cares since all the central banks are monetizing global debt at an unprecedented pace and investors are happy to […]

ZeroHedge: ECB Blatantly Exposes Central Bankers Market Perversion

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Authored by Mark St.Cyr, There was a time not all that long ago (circa 2009) when the markets were still gyrating wildly after the initial shocks of the ’08 collapse. It was during those gyrations that there was a very […]

ZeroHedge: So, You Want To Invest In Unicorns?

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. As an investor in private companies, one of the biggest issues you’re potentially facing is a lack of liquidity. When buying shares of a listed company, most of the time you have a luxury of being able to sell your […]