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Expect Desperate, Insane Behavior From Government In 2018 – Part 2

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, The financial crisis of 2008/09 was the most significant event to happen in my lifetime. That event, coupled with the deeply unethical and corrupt response to it, led to a direct delegitimization of governments and institutions worldwide. It’s precisely this self-inflicted destruction of credibility which opened up […]

T.Rowe Price Issues A Warning For Investors, Cuts Stock Allocation To Lowest Since 2000

One day after DoubleLine chief Jeff Gundlach told Bloomberg TV that it is time for investors to head for the exits as his highest conviction trade is “volatility is about to go up”, and that he is reducing his positions in junk bonds, EM debt and other lower-quality investments on fears investor sentiment may roll […]

Meanwhile, Spotted Together At A Southampton Party…

While publicly polarizing average-joe America at every opportunity, it appears the 'elites' are having a blast 'together' behind the scenes… As Politico reports… OUT AND ABOUT IN THE HAMPTONS — Lally Weymouth held her annual summer party last night at her house in Southampton.   There was a long gold carpet entrance from where the […]

The End Game

Authored by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog, We all know the terrifying debt statistics. We are bombarded every day with bearish reports about the gargantuan Federal debt, and when combined with the growing private sector indebtedness, the monolithic entitlements problem, and the looming pension fund shortage, it is easy to wonder how we […]

Kyle Bass Hints At What The “Greatest Trade He Has Ever Encountered” Is

Heyman Capital’s Kyle Bass, who as we reported two weeks ago returned an impressive 25% in 2016, spoke to Bloomberg TV’s Erik Schatzker and likened President Donald Trump’s trade and tax policies to gasoline which will accelerate an economic “restructuring” – a polite word for crash – in China. Discussing a topic he has been […]

“China’s Carl Icahn” Hedge Fund Billionaire Sentenced To Five And A Half Years In Prison / by Tyler Durden / Jan 23, 2017 Back in late 2015, when the Chinese stock bubble had violently burst and was suffering daily moves of 10% in either direction as retail traders scrambled to get out of what until recently was a “sure thing”, Beijing did what it does best, and found a convenient scapegoat […]

Red Flag For Markets: Pension Funds To Sell “Near Record” Amount Of Stocks In The Next Few Days / by Tyler Durden / Dec 22, 2016 3:41 PM One of the recurring comments about the “Trumpflation” rally, which has sent US stock markets to constant record highs and pushed the Dow Jones just shy of 20,000 has been that there is virtually nobody selling. According to a poll released today by Reuters, which surveyed 45 […]

Carl Icahn “Concerned” About “Lack Of Stock Selling” Last Few Weeks / by Tyler Durden / Dec 22, 2016 3:20 PM Newly announced special advisor to Donald Trump on regulation, billionaire Catli Icahn, is worried. During a lengthy interview with CNBC’s “Fast Money Halftime Report,” Icahn was repeatedly asked if he was concerned about the market – which has shot up considerably since Trump won the presidency – […]

Dow Suffers First Post-Trump Loss As Cratering Bond Curve Bruises Banks

Industrial Production contracts for longest non-recessionary period ever, GDP growth expectations are dead on the floor, and rate-hike odds are near 100%…   The Dow closed red as Nasdaq surged… (not teh drop towards the end of day sparked by Carl Icahn's comments that "stocks have run ahead of themselves since Trump won the election" […]

What “The World’s Most Bearish Hedge Fund” Thinks Of The Trump Presidency

October was not a good month for the “world’s most bearish hedge fund” Horseman Global Management, which suffered another steep drop, losing 5% in the month, and down 5.5% YTD. Absent a rebound in the last two months of the year, Horseman is set to have its worst year since 2009. Alas, with Horseman’s net […]