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From The Caucasus To The Balkans, China’s Silk Roads Are Rising

Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times, With its focus on Central Asia and Eastern Europe, the Belt and Road Initiative can be seen as fulfilling a strategy of challenging the West that can be traced back to Mao… The 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress made it clear that the New Silk Roads – […]

Damaging The Deep State: Trump, Russia, And China

Submitted by Alasdair Macleod via, Even before he takes office, President-elect Trump is turning the world upside down. It has become clear his attitude towards Russia and China is very different from that of his predecessors. Amazingly, he is already wresting power from the deep state, causing it great resentment, which under Obama, Clinton […]

ZeroHedge: Russian Tanker Catches Fire In Caspian Sea

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Amid surging supply of crude and the world's biggest traffic jam of tankers, we suspect more images like the following will be seen going forward. A Russian tanker has caught fire in the Caspian Sea near the territorial waters of […]

Turkey’s Geopolitical Value

Submitted by Guillermo Valencia, founding partner of MacroWise Turkey’s Geopolitical Value “Who controls the food supply controls the people? who controls the energy can control whole continents? who controls money can control the world.”       – Henry Kissinger Europe’s energy dependency Gas distribution is a powerful motive behind the Syrian war. The biggest gas importer […]

Russia Sends 10,000 AK-47s To Afghanistan As Government Mulls “Inviting” Moscow To Help Fight “Terrorists”

Late last month in “Russia’s Mid-East Takeover Continues As Afghanistan Requests Military Assistance From Moscow,” we noted, with some amusement, that Kabul was set to request a weapons delivery from Russia to aid in the fight against the Taliban. “Afghanistan, battered by worsening security, is reaching out to an old ally and patron—Russia—just as the […]

Is Iran Opening A “Secret Passage” To Asia For Russian Crude?

Submitted by Dave Forest via, Russia is looking to expand its influence through oil trade. And a little-reported deal this week may give it access to an entirely new part of the planet when it comes to crude exports. That's the Persian Gulf. Where reports suggest Russia is close to negotiating a "secret passage" […]

First China, Now Russia: US Navy Chief Debates European Escalation Amid “Fears For The Global System”

In a shockingly quick confirmation of our gravest concerns, Admiral John Richardson, chief of naval operations, told The FT that the navy was reassessing its global posture in the face of the Russian activity, which stretches from the Black Sea and Mediterranean to the Pacific. Amid China's island-building in the South China Sea (30% of […]

Look Out Saudi Arabia: Russia, Iran Forge Energy Partnerships, May Form New Bank To Fund Projects

One of the key things to understand about the war in Syria is that in many ways, it’s a perfect example of how the energy-geopolitics nexus has tremendous explanatory power when it comes to analyzing the events that shape the world and show up on the nightly news.  As we’ve been at pains to explain […]

Collapse Of The Western Financial System Looms As A “Strategic” Russian Default Is Possible

Authored by Pepe Escobar, originally posted Op-Ed at, History may eventually decide the ‘New World Order’ started on September 28, when Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama had a 90-minute face off at the UN in New York. Irrespective of spin – “productive” according to the White House, “tense” according to […]

The Fall Of The Unipower: Russia Is Defeating More Than ISIS In Syria

Submitted by Paul Craig Roberts, The distinguished and knowledgeable international commentator William Engdahl, in a superb statement, has expressed the view I gave you that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech on September 28 at the 70th anniversary of the United Nations changed the balance of power in the world. Until Putin’s speech the world was […]