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A Bearish Positive Carry Trade?

Authored by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog, The Eurostoxx outperformance of the past month has garnered a lot of attention, but there is another similar trade many investors are missing. Not only that, but it has a positive carry, something that is sorely lacking in this day and age of NIRP.   Since […]

Does the World End in Fire or Ice? Thoughts on Japan and the Inflation/Deflation Debate / CHARLES HUGH SMITH / MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017 Japan has managed to offset decades of deflationary dynamics, but at a cost that is hidden beneath the surface of apparent stability. Do we implode in a deflationary death spiral (ice) or in an inflationary death spiral (fire)? Debating the question has been a popular parlor game for […]

Trader “Appalled” At Market Reaction To Manchester Bombing “There’s More To Life Than Next Few Basis Points”

Remember Paris And London in March… At the time of the London attack, Bloomberg's Paul Dobson reminded readers that were wondering about the sanguine response to the breaking news, that terrorist incidents including the one in Paris in 2015 and London bombings in 2005 spurred equity selloffs that were erased in the following days and […]

How Will The ‘GREAT DEFLATION’ Impact Gold & The Dollar?

By the SRSrocco Report, The coming GREAT DEFLATION will impact the value of Gold and the Dollar much differently than what most analysts are forecasting.  Unfortunately, most analysts do not understand the true underlying value of gold or the U.S. Dollar, because they base their forecasts on information that is inaccurate, flawed or imprecise. This […]

“ShadowBrokers” Hacking Group Launches Subscription Service Selling Nuclear Secrets

The hacking group known as 'The Shadow Brokers' is pushing a monthly subscription service offering members top secret information including "compromised network data" from the nuclear and ballistic missile programs of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. As a reminder, we have noted in the past, many security experts believe the Equation Group is the […]

Want To Understand Rising Wealth Inequality? Look At Debt & Interest

Authored by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, "Governments cannot reduce their debt or deficits and central banks cannot taper. Equally, they cannot perpetually borrow exponentially more. This one last bubble cannot end (but it must)." I often refer to debt serfdom, the servitude debt enforces on borrowers. The mechanism of this servitude is interest, and […]

Evercore: If Markets Drop More, Don’t Expect To Be Bailed Out By The Fed This Time / by Tyler Durden / May 18, 2017 9:21 AM When we were discussing the self-reinforcing dynamics of vol-neutral funds yesterday, which may or may not continue selling today depending on what the VIX does, we concluded that aside from the decision-making mechanics of systematic funds, the biggest question would be if the Fed, or other central […]

Is Risk Parity Driving The Market?

Authored by Brean Capital's Peter Tchir via, I am have more and more discussions about Risk Parity. While Bridgewater is the best known and largest advocate of Risk Parity – it can be implemented in a simple form by virtually anyone. Sophisticated Risk Parity strategies involve balancing multiple asset classes (global bonds, global equities, […]

Ransomware Attack is Further Proof that Microsoft Sucks / Dr. Fly / May 13, 2017  The windows operating system is a complete disgrace to the human species. Anyone who supports MSFT by purchasing their shitty products deserves to be afflicted by malware that fucking demands payment in bitcoin. If this massive cyber attack has proved anything, it is this. 1. Bitcoin is going […]

WTF Chart Of The Day: There Are Now More Indexes Than Stocks

For the first time ever, the number of market indexes now exceeds the number of U.S. stocks… As Bloomberg reports, traditional ones such as the S&P 500 are collections of securities weighted by market value, and index funds mimic them as a low-cost way to deliver the market’s performance. Many new indexes are different: They […]