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HYPOCRITE Global Elites Fly To Davos Climate Change Summit In 1000 Private Jets

Either the elite globalists and climate alarmists think we are too stupid to understand this bold hypocrisy, or they think they are above the rules they impose on others.  It’s actually probably both. The globalist Davos summit opened with a speech from Narendra Modi, in which he identified climate change as the number one threat to […]

Jamie Dimon: ‘Cryptocurrencies Will Soon Be Under Government Control’

In the ‘not so shocking’ news of the day, governments want to regulate and control cryptocurrencies. Even Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, is saying that very soon, governments will have complete control of all cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency “won’t end well,” Dimon told an investor conference in New York last year, as Bloomberg noted, […]

Former CEO Of Calpers Indicted On Financial Fraud Scheme Charges / By Tyler Durden / 03/18/2013 17:56 There was a time when pervasive financial crimes would if not shock and appall people, then at least make them think for a minute or two. Sadly, now that even the biggest bank by assets is found to have misled regulators, shareholders and the broad public and its CEO […]

European Bank CEO Admits: “The Whole Thing Is Doomed” / By Tyler Durden / 02/18/2013 10:54 As the European parliament attempts to create a budget and Draghi repeats how the temporary lull in European growth is merely a prelude to a growth renaissance in the second half of the year (not to be confused with the verbatim lie rehashed by European dignitaries in […]

Men found dead in Mexico river said to be Southridge Minerals main executives / By Cecilia Jamasmie / February 12, 2013 Two men, reportedly the CEO and CFO of U.S.-based exploration firm Southridge Minerals (PINKSHEETS: SRGE), have been found dead in a river in Mexico, local press reports. The bodies, corresponding to two men in their late 30s, were found by farmers who also recovered documents with […]

Angelo Mozilo, Former Countrywide CEO, Claims He Doesn’t Know What ‘Verified Income’ Is / By Matt Taibi / December 28, 10:25 AM ET Another day, another corporate titan suffering from devastating amnesia. This time, the memory-loss patient is none other than Angelo Mozilo, the former CEO of Countrywide Financial. Deposed in the landmark lawsuit between the monoline insurer MBIA and Countrywide/Bank of America, Mozilo professed not to […]

GoldSeek Radio Interview with Keith Neumeyer, CEO First Majestic Silver Corp. / October 25, 2012

Shocker at Citigroup as CEO Vikram Pandit Abruptly Resigns /By Jeff Macke | Breakout – 3 hours ago In a stunning move Citigroup (C) announced this morning that CEO Vikram Pandit and COO John Havens were resigning effective immediately. The departures come just one day after the big bank reported what was generally regarded as a strong quarter, sending the stock higher by 5% in […]

Keiser Technique for financial criminals

You can watch full Keiser Report E310 here In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss bankers doing ‘the ultra violent’ on the global financial system and propose the Keiser Technique to remedy the asymmetric approach to financial justice. In the second half of the show Max talks to Reggie Middleton of […]