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Don’t Mention Madoff: JP Morgan Whistleblower Not Fired For Whistleblowing (Allegedly) In Third Trial

Here we go again, the third trial, following two appeals, in which former JP Morgan Wealth Manager, Jessica Sharkey, claims she was unfairly dismissed after whistleblowing on one of the bank’s clients shortly after the Bernie Madoff scandal came to light. The client in question, an Israeli with involvement in the diamond cutting and pre-paid […]

The U.S. Justice System Must Focus On Elite Criminality

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Two very important articles published in recent days serve to once again highlight America’s metastasizing elite criminality problem. A problem which our justice system simply refuses to address. This corrupt two-tier justice system is something I’ve been focused on from the very beginning of my writings, and […]

Frontrunning: July 5

U.S. Warns North Korea It’s Ready for War Over Missiles (WSJ) U.S., South Korea stage show of force against North Korea (Reuters) UN to Meet on North Korea as U.S. Confirms Rocket Was ICBM (BBG) Trump talks tough, options limited (Reuters) North Korea, Putin Meeting Top Agenda For Trump’s Tripa (WSJ) Ahead of fractious G20, […]

The True Legacy Of David Rockefeller

Via, While often remembered for his philanthropy, the last surviving grandson of America’s first billionaire died today, leaving behind a dark legacy indicative of how American nobility often shape policy from behind the scenes. No one person encapsulates the enduring legacy of the “robber barons” of the Industrial Age quite like David Rockefeller. Rockefeller, […]

Jamie Dimon’s 2016 Pay: $28,000,000

Moments ago JPM released an 8-K which revealed Jamie Dimon’s total compensation for the year. The answer: $28 million, up from the $27 million he was paid in 2015. Which, since Jamie Dimon is already a billionaire, will hardly make an impact on his bottom line. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (the “Firm”) announced that the […]

You Decide

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Bill Holter / October 18th, 2013 I wrote yesterday regarding alleged capital controls coming at Chase bank.  This was reported at both Zero Hedge and Drudge Report.  A copy of the actual letter sent to clients was published in […]

Warren Edward Pollock: Warren Pollock on Max Keiser Regarding Bank Holidays

Starting from the MF Global Crime Scene we get to the big story whereby law gets changed to selective interest. Speculation will always be subsidized by customer funds. Real Assets are only 1/100th of total speculation; a small percentage move in ri…