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“We’re At The Mercy Of The Algos”; More News Sites Say Facebook’s ‘Fake News’ Filter Is Killing Traffic / by Tyler Durden / Apr 20, 2017 10:15 PM Yesterday we highlighted an article written by the Chicago Tribune’s Deputy Editor for Digital News, Kurt Gessler, which provided a fairly compelling set of facts to suggest that Facebook’s ‘fake news’ filter was suppressing the distribution of articles from media sources which undoubtedly consider themselves “legitimate new […]

“I’m Sorry, We’ll Fix This”: United CEO Issues Apology To Passenger And Everyone Else / by Tyler Durden / Apr 11, 2017 Hopefully putting an end to the media circus that has gripped America’s attention over the past 24 hours, the CEO of United Continental, Oscar Munoz, has finally apologized for the airline’s handling of a Chinese-American passenger who was forcibly dragged out of a flight in Chicago, an incident […]

A Major Terror Attack Is Coming, And the U.S. Is Next: “Mock IED Onboard Chicago-Bound Flight” / Mac Slavo / April 6th, 2017 Given the way things are, with the powers that be, this was only a matter of time. A major reset, complete with another inciting (and major) false flag attack is coming – and there is every sense that such an event will once again strike the homeland […]

Thousands Of Americans Are Fleeing The Big Cities In Preparation For The Coming American Apocalypse

Why are so many people suddenly moving away from major U.S. cities?  Recently, I wrote about the mass exodus that is happening out of the state of California, but the truth is that what is happening there is just part of a national phenomenon.  The populations of some of our largest cities are steadily shrinking, […]

A miracle in Chicago / by Jon Rappoport / March 7, 2017 It turns out that gang killings and drugs are not the only markers of life and death in Chicago. Far from it. If you consult the Chicago Urban Agriculture Directory, you find a staggering list of city farms and gardens where clean nutritious food is grown: Urban […]

George W. Bush On Trump’s Alleged Ties To Russia: “We All Need Answers”

2005: George W Bush is a pillaging, torturing war criminal who let a city drown 2017: I may have disagreed with Bush but he was A Good Man™ — Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) February 27, 2017 / by Tyler Durden / Feb 27, 2017 1:52 PM Upon leaving office in 2009, former President George W. Bush pledged to […]

In Letter Sent Home To All Parents, Chicago Public Schools Promise To Obstruct ‘The Enforcement Of Federal Civil Immigration Law’ / By Michael Snyder on February 22nd, 2017 The Chicago public school system has decided to openly defy the president of the United States. More than 392,000 students attend public schools in Chicago, and on Tuesday a letter was sent home with each of those students telling their parents that Chicago schools will not “assist […]

Are Sanctuary Cities More Violent?

Submitted by Salil Mehta via Statistical Ideas blog, With the battle growing in sanctuary cities to deviate from President Trump’s strategy on immigration law, it is worth seeing another topic that we have been following closely: violent crime rate across major U.S. cities.  This of course comes as President Trump menacingly engages with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, in a twitter […]

Trump Asks “What The Hell’s Going In Chicago?” Gets One-Word Answer

After threatening to "send in The Feds" yesterday – after seeing the "carnage" in Chicago – President Trump asked (rhetorically) during his address to Congressional Republicans today, "what the hell is going in Chicago?" He received a surprising one-word answer that seemed to sum things up rather well… "Democrats"… while only time will tell how/if […]

2016 Chicago Homicides Even Higher Than Originally Reported

2016 was a record breaking year for the city of Chicago, unfortunately just not in any positive ways.  Throughout 2016 we noted several grim milestones that plagued the Windy City: the deadliest month in 23 years, the deadliest day in 13 years, 4,300 people shot…the list goes on and on.  And, as we noted a […]