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China Busts Gang That Smuggled $3 Billion Out Of The Country

China’s crackdown on capital outflows has been a boon for organized crime in the region, with Chinese triad gangs and even Japanese Yakuza organizations partaking in the smuggling bonanza. Over the summer, we reported on a case of Yakuza gangsters teaming up with wealthy Chinese to smuggle thousands of tons of gold out of the […]

Full Witch Hunt: Chinese Police Probe Securities Regulator While Securities Regulator Probes Brokers / by Tyler Durden on 08/26/2015 12:35 Another session came and went in China and stocks closed in the red – again. The 5-day slide is the worst run since 1996 and Wednesday’s 1.3% loss, while certainly an improvement from the harrowing declines logged on Monday and Tuesday, came on the heels of a PBoC […]