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Global Stocks Slide On Trump Probe Report, Fed Indigestion

Is it going to be another May 17, when US stocks tumbled as concerns of a Trump impeachment over obstruction of justice and impeachment surged ahead of Comey’s tetimony? Overnight, S&P500 futures accelerated their decline following yesterday’s WaPo report that Special Counsel Mueller has launched a probe into potential obstruction of justice by Trump… … […]

US Futures, European Stocks Rebound, Bonds Fall Ahead Of US Data Deluge

The overnight session started with more weakness out of Asia, where chatter that the BOJ may end up doing nothing despite all the trial balloons (as we hinted yesterday), sent the USDJPY sliding, pushing the Nikkei lower, leading to a 7th consecutive decline in the Topix, the longest such stretch since 2014 even though the […]

Brexit: Worst Case Scenario For EU; Armageddon Promise Now Exposed As Pack Of Lies

Submitted by Michael Shedlock via, Project Fear predicted economic meltdown if Britain voted leave. Where are the devastated high streets, job losses and crashing markets? In other Brexit news, Sweden warns the UK about cutting corporate taxes. How should the UK respond? Who is in control? What Happened to Promised Armageddon? The Guardian reports […]

US Consumption and UK Wages Highlight the Week Ahead

The easier monetary policy trajectories in the eurozone and Japan are taken for granted. The debate has been over the timing of the normalization in the US and the UK.  Talk that had emerged recently that the Bank of England could hike rates before the Fed was never very compelling.  Last week’s developments increase the […]

Week Ahead Outlook (conditional)

There are two broad courses for the capital markets in the week ahead. The first is a continuation of what we have experienced for the past two weeks. Greece’s financial and political crisis, and the dramatic drop in Chinese shares, and the extensive policy response dominate the market’s focus. Alternatively, the pressures emanating from these […]

Key Events In The Coming Week

Today’s Eurogroup meeting will be key in determining where Greece and its creditors negotiations currently stand. Over in the US today, it’s the usual post payrolls lull with just the labor market conditions data expected. We kick off in Japan tomorrow with leading and coincident index prints, before we move onto the European timezone where […]

Five Questions that May Be Answered in the Week Ahead

1.  After the US economy appears to have contracted (-0.5%/-0.8%) in the first quarter, how is the economy doing here in Q2 which is half over this week?   Last week we learned that after a simply dismal March labor report, April job growth bounced back above 200k.  The May employment survey will be done […]

Key Global Events In The Coming Week

While today’s macro calendar is empty with no central bank speakers or economic news (just the monthly budget (deficit) statement this afternoon), it’s a fairly busy calendar for us to look forward to this week as earnings season kicks up a gear in the US as mentioned while Greece headlines and the G20 finance ministers […]

Dollar Regains Most Of Yesterday’s “Flash Crash” Losses. Oil Resumes Slide; 10Y Under 2%

If it was the Fed’s intention to slow down the relentless surge in the dollar with yesterday’s “impatient” removal which blamed the dollar strength on the “strength” in the US economy, it promptly failed after algos and a few carbon-based traders looked at the Atlanta Fed and realized that a 0.3% Q1 GDP print is […]

Futures Weak Ahead Of “Impatient” Fed, Oil Slide Continues; China Stocks Go Berserk

The only news that matters to algos today is whether Janet Yellen will include the word “patient” in the FOMC statement as a hint of a June rate hike, even though the phrase “international developments” is far more important in a world in which everyone (such as the 25 or so central banks who have […]