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Six Banks Join UBS’s “Utility Coin” Blockchain Project

Here’s a piece of news that the remaining human members of Wall Street’s FX sales and trading desks probably don’t want to hear. According to the Financial Times, six of the world’s largest banks have decided to join a blockchain project called “utility coin” that will allow banks to settle trades in securities denominated in […]

Warren Edward Pollock: Ann Barnhardt & W Pollock Re John Locke and Future Trends

Ann and I (Warren Pollock) have a truth-filled discussion about current affairs and future trends. The contract between people and their government has been broken. This means that we have to take responsibility for the current condition as we take action towards change. We are collectively responsible for our governance which we have delegated to an elite band spanning congress and private sector oligarchs. There are 310 million of us vs Under 1000-3000 key oligarchs! By failing to remove our defective government we are giving our tacit agreement to a system that is immoral and working against our survival interests. Informed consent was a foundation point of representative government. Our leaders have forsaken us because we have acquiesced to their lies as we delegated away our freedom and property. Financial markets entirely fraudulent as the institutions and oligarchs have a Letter of Marque (piracy) to get away with robbery, graft, and corruption. The point transcends finance. We are watching death-murder by the leadership-"complex" be it healthcare-industrial, educational-industrial, or military industrial complex. We are on a totalitarian trajectory towards a breakdown crisis expressed first financially and the breakdown-deterioration of law. Look at the history of totalitarianism and you will find our final destination. We are in a communist-fascist oligarchy. We have been propagandized to such an extent that we have delegated our basic human rights in hope that we will be beneficiaries of a rigged system. Healthcare is no longer engaged in the production of health, instead it is simply an extension of finance aimed at controlling the uneducated and blind masses of "college educated" proletariat peasants who are wrapped into divide and conquer rhetoric. The greatest capitalists of our time, including Warren Buffet, are your greatest communists. In reverse speak we have laws without justice, education without thinking, and a department of defense prosecuting war worldwide. We have body scanners that don’t work but they do enrich the leadership class. This communist system rewards a few people by design through the constructs of limited liability corporations and corporate personhood. You are either IN as an oligarch or DEAD whereby it becomes impossible to do anything constructive or innovative in the US economy. Why isn’t anyone starting a business. Why does Zero rate interest policy fail to form entrepreneurial capital in the hands of small innovators. Its structurally impossible to compete on fair terms with the oligarch-corporate entity who have Letters of Marque (the right to be pirates). Letters of Cachet, are also operable with large corporations driving laws and driving selective justice (injustice). Our only remedy now is not to participate.. Why won’t people push back? Why are people participating in a gulag casino called the financial market! Why are people convinced that "free-elections" exist when in fact we have entertainment ridden political process. Look at the lack of substance in the dialog! Its going to take a complete and total reformation of our culture to have a substantive change in our government. We need a total culture change. Don’t rely on a politician, (including Ron Paul), RELY ON YOURSELF. The issues we are talking about transcend the details towards the overview. You cannot discard a whole message based on one tidbit you don’t like. If one item you don’t like causes you to tune out, congratulations you are the bitch of mainstream media and propaganda. Sacrifice will be necessary for change. Make the sacrifice with us, take responsibility, and then effect positive change by refusing to accept pervasive lies in the media and by the oligarchy. The US has not become exceptional, instead it has allowed itself to become a pariah. Stop being a captive to fear, you must sacrifice everything to effect change. Do you want to live (or more likely die) under the totalitarian Jack Boot.