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Junior Miners ; Big loss presents opporunity, says Joe Friday

Junior Miner ETF has had a rough go of it the past 90- days. Could that large decline, present an opportunity? Below looks at the performance of GDXJ over 90-day windows since inception. CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE GDXJ has fallen nearly 25% over the past 90-days. When GDXJ has been down this hard in […]

Don’t You Hate Spammy, Sensationalist Click-Bait Like This?

Authored by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, So what's the difference between "fake news," spammy sensationalist click-bait and so-called "mainstream news" that serves the interests of the corporate-state? It's getting hard to tell. We're inundated with spammy sensationalist click-bait. You know what I mean–the little boxes containing eye-candy photos and headlines such as "you won't […]