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CME Group CEO On Low Volatility: “Traders Are Too Afraid To Buy…And Too Afraid To Sell”

With realized volatility having fallen to near-record lows this month, CME Group Chairman and CEO Terry Duffy tapped into the trepidation that many traders feel about today’s unsettlingly placid markets during an interview with CNBC Thursday, saying that he’s “surprised” at the present lack of volatility, adding that many market participants are essentially too afraid […]

CME Group CEO: Gold Extremely Undervalued; Should Be $5,000 to $6,000 Per Ounce (Video) / BY SCHIFFGOLD / JULY 17, 2017  In his Gold Videocast last week, Peter Schiff made the case that silver is extremely undervalued, especially when compared with gold. In a recent interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business, CME Group Chairman Terry Duffy says gold is undervalued as well. He said he believes realistically, gold should be at $5,000 to $6,000 per […]

A “Mysterious Antenna” Emerges In An Empty Chicago Field; Billions Depend On It

Readers are familiar with the various microwave and laser arrays located at the real New York Stock Exchange in Mahwah, New Jersey, both of which we have written about in the past. Microwave tower located next to the NYSE in Mahwah, NJ. This article, however, is not about the familiar antennas off Route 17 in […]

CME Group uses political clout to guard lucrative monopoly on futures exchanges / By Gregory Meyer via Financial Times, London / November 19, 2015 CME Group: Political Clout Counts Terry Duffy is wearing a dark suit, a Movember moustache-beard combination and gold cufflinks shaped in the octagonal logo of his company, CME Group. He sits back in his office beside the Chicago river and glances at framed snapshots on […]

EXPLOSIVE BREAKING NEWS: JP Morgan-MF Global-Euro Gate Escalates

Charleston Voice Monday, March 26, 2012 EXPLOSIVE Back Breaking News JP Morgan-MF Global-Euro Gate Escalates by Tom Heneghan International Intelligence Expert Sunday March 25, 2012 UNITED STATES of America – It can now be reported that the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking has new evidence showing that JP Morgan had a $200 million overdraft aka […]