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DEC 14/GOLD UP $8.60 TO $1254.90/SILVER IS UP 7 CENTS TO $15.92/QUEUE JUMPING IN BOTH GOLD AND SILVER COMEX/COMEX GOLD EFP’S ISSUANCE AT 17,961/COMEX SILVER EFP ISSUANCE: 1492/MORE “SWAMP” NEWS/ / by harveyorgan / December 14, 2017 GOLD: $1254.90 UP $8.60 Silver: $15.92 UP 7 cents Closing access prices: Gold $1253.20 silver: $15.91 SHANGHAI GOLD FIX: FIRST FIX 10 15 PM EST (2:15 SHANGHAI LOCAL TIME) SECOND FIX: 2:15 AM EST (6:15 SHANGHAI LOCAL TIME) SHANGHAI FIRST GOLD FIX: $1254.20 DOLLARS PER OZ NY PRICE OF GOLD AT EXACT SAME TIME: $1243.80 PREMIUM […]

Thoughtful Disagreement with Ted Butler / Keith Weiner / October 5, 2017  Dear Mr. Butler, in your article of 2 October, entitled Thoughtful Disagreement, you say: “Someone will come up with the thoughtful disagreement that makes the body of my premise invalid or the price of silver will validate the premise by exploding.” I will take you up on your request. You state your case […]

John Embry – Silver Set To Soar As World Markets Approach Day Of Reckoning / August 10, 2017 Today John Embry told King World News that the price of silver is about to soar as world markets approach a day of reckoning. Silver Set To Soar John Embry:  “Eric, I think we are finally getting closer to a major turn in the price trend for silver.  The cartel’s many years […]

New LME gold contract sees lackluster launch / By Henry Sanderson Financial Times, London / July 10, 2017 An attempt by the London Metal Exchange and a group of banks including Goldman Sachs to grab a chunk of London’s $5 trillion-a-year gold market through a new futures contract got off to a lacklustre start today. A total of $56 million worth of the […]

Gold Has Outperformed The Dow/S&P 500 Year To Date / Dave Kranzler / June 4, 2017 Although it may not “feel” like it, the price of gold has been in a nice – albeit “controlled” – uptrend since late December (1-year daily, Comex continuous futures contract): *** Gold is up over 12% since 12/22/16. By comparison, the SPX is up 7% and the Dow Jones […]

Market Report: Trying to break out / ALASDAIR MACLEOD / JUNE 02, 2017 Apart from some minor profit-taking over the last two days of this week (into early European trade this morning – Friday) the undertone in precious metals has been remarkably positive. *** The strength appears to be emanating from the US, given the trading pattern is caution in the […]

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts — A House of Desolation / 25 MAY 2017 “God who gave us life gave us liberty.   Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?  Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.” Thomas […]

Geopolitical “Powder Keg” Supports Gold’s Resurgence

Despite the second slam in as many days into the London Fix…   Gold is trading near the highest in five months, and, as Bloomberg notes, at least one measure suggests the rally is gaining momentum. Open interest, a tally of outstanding contracts in Comex futures, this week climbed to the highest since January as global […]

Gold & Silver Surge As Traders Brace For Market Shock, But Here Is What Is So Unbelievable About Today / March 27, 2017 On a day where gold and silver are once again surging to the upside, James Turk spoke with King World News about what is so unbelievable about today. Is It This Easy To Predict The Gold Price? James Turk:  “I have an amusing story to tell, Eric. Anyone who trades gold will appreciate […]

James Turk – Mega Cup And Handle Formation Has Silver Price Set To Explode Highe / March 20, 2017 Today James Turk told King World News that the mega cup and handle formation has silver price set to explode higher. A Turn May Finally Be At Hand James Turk:  “I’d like to begin, Eric, by noting that based on their Comex closing price in New York, spot gold and silver last week rose […]