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Chopping Wood in Thin Markets / by Marc Chandler / December 28, 2017 The US dollar softened across the board in thin holiday markets.  News developments were light and the dollar’s decline did not seem to be sparked by anything particular.  Commodity prices moved higher, though oil consolidated its recent gains. News that China had ordered the closure of its […]

There’s No Bubble In Stocks / by Karl Denninger / 2017-12-21 No, this isn’t 1999 — or February of 2000. It’s not middle of 2008 either, when Countrywide’s “Tan Man” was making nearly-daily parade appearances on Communist News Bull **** proclaiming how he was going to “take share” from collapsing subprime lenders, pumping his share price.  The company subsequently collapsed in a […]

Gold Versus Bitcoin: The Pro-Gold Argument Takes Shape / by John Rubino / NOVEMBER 19, 2017 Sound money advocates who love the concept of cryptocurrencies but don’t want to abandon precious metals have been trying to clarify their thoughts of late. Risk Hedge just helped, with a comprehensive statement of the pro-gold position. The following is an excerpt. Read the full article here. All the […]

Could A Commodity Rally Help Spark Silver?

  Could A Commodity Rally Help Spark Silver? Written by Craig Hemke, Sprott Money News and TF Metals Report    While it is widely believed that commodities are one of the few “undervalued” sectors, sustained rallies have been hard to find over the past few years. Could all that be finally beginning to change?   […]

Rumors Of Reflation’s Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated / May 25, 2017  With the gold market stabilizing, today top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick sent King World News a piece saying that rumors of reflation’s demise are greatly exaggerated. From top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick:  “The recent narrative has been one of a world teetering on the edge as political and geopolitical risk is […]

As Oil Flash Crashes, One Trader Says The Commodity Selloff Is “The Single Largest Macro Factor” Right Now

It was a very ugly night for the Andy Halls, Pierre Andurands and other crude longs, after oil flash crashed just before midnight ET, dragging WTI from above $45/bbl to below $44 in seconds on a surge in volume, to the lowest price since OPEC agreed to cut output in November. As shown in the […]

Gold – An Overview of Macroeconomic Price Drivers / Pater Tenebrarum / April 11, 2017 Fundamental Analysis of Gold As we often point out in these pages, even though gold is currently not the generally used medium of exchange, its monetary characteristics continue to be the main basis for its valuation. Thus, analysis of the gold market requires a different approach from that […]

Commercial Traders Continue To Pare Back Short Positions in Gold / By Taylor Dart / January 9th, 2017 The price of gold has begun 2017 on more solid footing, posting a 1.9% gain in the first trading week of the new year. The bears came out of the woodwork this weekend to warn us that last week’s move was simply an oversold bounce. They cheered […]

They Know a Bargain When They Make It / By Dr. Jeffrey Lewis / Sep 29, 16 This title comes from a comment on Ted Butler’s undisputed claim of JP Morgan’s accumulation of upwards of 500 million ounces of physical silver (or nearly 11,000 tons) over the last four to five years. This accumulation occurred during a time of horrible sentiment and subdued retail […]

Avoid Paper Gold – “Gold Delivery” Refused By Gold Exchange Traded Commodity / By abidpasha / September 1, 2016 “Delivery of gold” has been refused by a popular German gold exchange traded commodity (ETC), Xetra-Gold, which is offered by Deutsche Bank, in the latest example of the risk of owning gold exchange traded commodities (ETCs), exchange traded funds (ETFs) and indeed most institutional gold investment offerings. *** Like […]