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Trade War Intensifies: China Files Complaint With WTO Over US Tariffs

China is now seeking legal relief from the tariffs imposed by the United States on over $200 billion worth of goods imported. China’s complaint with the World Trade Organization alleges that the imposition of the tariffs by the US is illegal and nothing more than thinly veiled attempts at protectionism. This WTO complaint is just […]

“Worst Since Lehman” – The State Of The US Consumer In One Dismal Chart / by Tyler Durden / Jun 9, 2017 U.S. companies (other than Amazon) that depend on consumers’ discretionary income are at their weakest ‘since Lehman’. As Bloomberg notes, for Doug Ramsey, chief investment officer at Leuthold Group LLC, this makes them cheap enough to be a “contrarian pick.” He cited a ratio between two versions of the […]

Household Spending Growth Expectations Crash To Cycle Lows

Despite record high stock prices, soaring consumer sentiment measures, and the constant Fed-spun narrative that incomes will rise amid ‘full-employment’, the latest survey of Americans by The New York Fed signals hope is collapsing for a spending renaissance… Median household spending growth expectations tumbled from 3.29% in March to 2.58% in April, lowest level in […]

The Chart That’s Keeping Goldman Up At Night

The spread between “hard” and “soft”, or survey and sentiment data, ever since the election has been extensively noted and discussed on this website in recent months (especially since over the past two months the soft data has rolled decisively over, while the Citi economic surprise index has crashed at the fastest pace on record). […]

Economic Depression And Denial: “We Want To Believe We Aren’t Japan”

Authored by Jeffrey Snider via Alhambra Investment Partners, Back on March 10, the New York Fed’s attempt at real-time GDP forecasting predicted that the Q1 2017 estimate would be 3.2%. That would have qualified as another decent quarter, the second out of the past three and somewhat in keeping with “reflation.” As we know today, […]

The Divergence Between ‘Hard’ & ‘Soft’ Data Explained (And Republican Bulls Won’t Like It)

Another dataset, another head-scratching disparity between ostensibly fulsome confidence and evidently sluggish activity.  While markets get whipsawed reacting to divergent hard and soft data points, the question that traders need to ask is whether this gap makes any sense. Bloomberg's Macro Strategist Cameron Crise may have the answer… If you're willing to believe that survey […]

WTF Chart Of The Day: American Consumer Confidence Soars To 16 Year Highs As Real Wages Plunge

Continuing the trend of 'soft' survey data strong performance and expectation beats, The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence surged above the highest analyst's expectation to 114.8 – the best print since July 2001.   Consumers’ assessment of current conditions held relatively steady in February. Those saying business conditions are “good” declined slightly from 29.0 percent to […]

Americans Haven’t Been This Positive About The US Economy Since July 2007, But…

Bloomberg’s Consumer Comfort index surged once again this week to its highest since April 2015, but it was the “state of the economy” survey that really soared – breaking to new cycle highs at 42.8 – the highest since July 2007… The last time we saw a surge like this was the post-QE3 “well they […]

Key Events In The Coming Week

It is a relatively light week in the US, with mainly trade balance, JOLTS and consumer credit data out. The key economic release this week is University of Michigan consumer sentiment on Friday. In addition, there are a few scheduled speaking engagements from Fed officials this week, including a speech by Federal Reserve Vice Chair […]

Super Bowl Inflation – 2017 Edition: This Is The Year To Go / by Tyler Durden / Feb 5, 2017 If seeing a Super Bowl in person is on your “Bucket List”, this is the year to go. That’s the upshot of ConvergEx’s annual review of prices associated with the event. The get-in price of ticket in Houston is currently $2,019, well less than last year’s $2,900 minimum […]