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God is Dead

From the Slope of Hope blog: That’s something I’ve got in common with Private Pyle: he wants to be different. For whatever reason, I’m a contrarian to the core. Indeed, one of the appeals of messing around with personal computers back in 1980 was that practically nobody else was doing it (in case you hadn’t […]

UBS Warns “One-Sided” Sentiment Is Pure Contrarian Indicator, Upside Limited

In their latest technical analysis report, UBS' Michael Riesner and Marc Muller warn that, it’s been a long time since we had such a relatively clear and one-sided picture on the sentiment side, which we can just describe as tactical contrarian and too complacent. With the vertical post-election rally, the reflation trade with the relevant […]

4 Contrarian Views / By Bruce Krasting / February 8, 2013 Note: Snowing like crazy 30 miles north of NYC – wind picking up as I write. The forecast for me is 12-18 inches. I’m hoping it pushes three feet…. Some odds and ends: MS Pumps Japan Morgan Stanley has a new report on GOOG. Not surprisingly, the […]

The Contrarian Play in Your Morning Coffee / by Andy Hecht / September 6, 2012 Any successful investor will tell you that the best profit potential lies in going against the crowd. Over the course of my three-decade trading career, that’s a lesson I have seen pay off on many occasions. If the price of a commodity (or any asset) is […]

A Contrarian’s Guide to Volatile Markets / May 15, 2012 Trotting the globe in his unrelenting quest for investing opportunities, Bob Moriarty had just completed a 21,000-mile travel-a-thon when he picked up the phone for this exclusive interview with The Gold Report. He liked a lot of what he saw and found plenty of bargains along the way. Ever the […]