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SHTFplan: Government Surveillance: Those Signs Showing Your Speed May Be SPYING On You

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. Those signs that show you how fast you are traveling may be a part of a United States government surveillance program. That sign might not only be there to remind you what the speed limit is but a part of a dystopian “Big Brother” spy network. “There used […]

Cops Attempt Gun Confiscation Without Warrant, But One Man Didn’t Allow It

Police in New Jersey have officially crossed the [thin blue] line and literally attempted to confiscate guns from an army veteran without a warrant.  But it didn’t go as planned, because  Leonard Cottrell Jr. refused to comply with the orders of the cops. Eventually, all gun confiscation will be carried out by the police; who of “don’t make […]

Lawsuit Shows How The Government’s ‘Justice’ System Keeps The Poor Poor

It’s not a secret that government’s want to seize as much from the producers as possible to bloat their power-hungry heads.  But a new lawsuit is actually giving the details on just how the government uses the “justice” system to keep the poor in dire states of poverty. The ACLU of North Carolina, the Southern […]

Man’s Musical Instrument Mistaken For A Gun By 911 Caller

Eric Barga with his bassoon which was mistaken for a “long rifle.”   This is where we are at in human history: people cannot tell the difference between the musical instrument called the bassoon, and a gun.  Someone in Springfield, Ohio actually called 911 to report a “long rifle,” which turned out to be a […]

AS 34 INNOCENT PEOPLE SET FREE, 2ND VIDEO OF BALTIMORE COPS PLANTING EVIDENCE DISCOVERED /  MATT AGORIST via THEFREETHOUGHTPROJECT.COM / AUGUST 2, 2017 Baltimore, MD — After their department gained national shame last week over a video showing an officer plant drugs to frame an innocent man while his fellow cops watched, the Baltimore police department is now under fire again. This time, the Baltimore Public Defender’s office has a second video that […]

‘Policing For Profit’ Goes To The Next Level

Submitted by Eric Peters via, It’s bad enough getting arrested – especially when you didn’t do anything to warrant it. This happens all the time, because the the threshold for arresting someone is very low. It can be done by any cop, pretty much anytime – without much in the way of legal justification. He has the […]

WAR ON COPS DEBUNKED: MORE COPS DIED BY ACCIDENT THAN VIOLENCE IN 2015 / by Carey Wedler, THE ANTI-MEDIA / OCTOBER 25, 2016 Editor’s Note: Wedler writes, “If you want the ‘war on police’ to end, you’re in luck…” Yeah, considering there was never a war on cops to begin with. “The war on our police must end,” Donald Trump forcefully demandedduring a speech in Wisconsin in August. “It must end […]

Trump Calls Out Hillary at Debate: “You Should Be in Jail… I’ll Call A Special Prosecutor”

This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge. Editor’s Comment: And so, the gloves are completely off. This election has gone primal, and both the Clinton and Trump campaigns are letting loose – or threatening to release – all the dirt, accusations, recordings, photos, names and more. It is clear […]

MINORITY REPORT? U.S. WARNED — COPS ARE ALREADY USING AI TO STOP CRIMES BEFORE THEY HAPPEN / by Claire Bernish, THE FREE THOUGHT PROJECT / SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 Editor’s Note: We are officially living in Minority Report, but without all the cool futuristic gadgetry. Great. Pre-crime, a term coined by science fiction author Philip K. Dick and loosely described as the use of artificial intelligence to detect and stop crime before it happens, […]

VIDEO: COPS CAUGHT LYING ABOUT BEING SHOT AT… TO JUSTIFY SHOOTING AT AN UNARMED MAN / by Matt Agorist via THE FREE THOUGHT PROJECT / AUGUST 16, 2016 Marshall, MO — As tensions between police and citizens rise amid tragic police shootings and despicable attacks on cops, two officers in Missouri were exposed for faking a story about being shot at — and their supervisor helped cover it up. Donald Stouffer, the prosecuting […]