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Frontrunning: August 23

Dollar Drops on Rate Outlook as European Stocks Rise, Oil Falls (BBG) Bank of Japan’s rush into stocks raises fears of market distortions (Reuters) With Moderate Drinking Under Fire, Alcohol Companies Go on Offensive (WSJ) Merkel Says Brexit Is U.K.’s Loss While Pledging EU Results (BBG) Turkey cuts rates for sixth straight month amid ratings […]

Hedge Funds “Showing Signs Of Capitulation” After 4-Sigma Move In High Beta Stocks

Earlier we pointed out that while the “real money” has been tiptoeing into “obvious” sectors like utilities, the cause of the overnight buying scramble appears to be yet another short squeeze. There is a reason for that. As RBC’s McEllifott follows up, there are “signs of capitulation yesterday in US equities (high beta basket -5.6%, […]

Currency Wars Re-Escalate As Bank Of Korea Shocks Market With Rate Cut

 With the 655th rate-cut globally since Lehman, the Bank of Korea stunned the market tonight and cut rates 25bps to 1.25% (a record low). Only 1 of 18 economists expected a rate cut as it appears record highs in US equities signal nothing about the underlying turmoil in the world’s economy. After 6 straight days […]

One Third Of Energy Companies Could Go Bankrupt Deloitte Warns As Credit Risk Hits Record High

At 1600bps, the extra yield investors are demanding to take on US energy credit risk has never been higher. However, if a new report from Deloitte proves true, this is far from enough as they forecast roughly a third of oil producers are at high risk of slipping into bankruptcy this year as low commodity […]

Biogen Fires 11% Of Workers Despite Reporting Stellar Earnings, Boosting Guidance

There may not be many biotechs with positive cash flows out out there, but the 4th most profitable, Biogen (after Gilead, Amgen and Shire), saw its shares halted moments ago ahead of reporting earnings, which were a blowout: the company reported Q3 EPS of $4.48, not only beating consensus of $3.77, but coming ahead of […]

Deutsche Bank Junior Trader Mistakenly Paid Hedge Fund Client $6 Billion In “Fat Finger” Error

Just a day after flailing, scandal-ridden Deutsche Bank shocked investors with the latest corporate restructuring, one which saw its investment bank split in two and which saw the termination of its IB-head Colin Fan, the FT reports of another epic snafu involving the German megabank (with over $60 trillion in derivatives), which this past summer […]

Greece Changes Strategy: No Longer Demands Debt Write Off, Ask For Debt Exchange Instead

Update, and in line with the FT report, here’s Bloomberg: GREECE SAID TO DROP WRITEDOWN REQUEST AFTER OPPOSITION FROM EU So all it took for Greece to withdraw its demands was “opposition”? * * * Over a week after the new Greek government came to power, it has presented its first actual proposal of how […]

IBM Stock Disappointed That Company Isn’t Firing A Mindboggling 110,000

Over the weekend, in a repeat of rumors that were widespread last year, Forbes ‘reported’ about Project Chrome, a massive corporate reorganization for IBM that would see Big Blue cull over a quarter of its staff – in real terms that means over 110,000 employees, as early as next week. IBM stocks surged higher on […]

No Thanks, Call Me When You’re Dead

By: Chris Tell at: It’s no secret that Mark and I work with a lot of start-ups. In this capacity we align closely with various accelerators, incubators, venture capitalists, bankers and the attendant flotsam and jetsam in the early stage capital markets. All of the above mentioned folks are typically focusing on working to finance, build […]

Japan’s 20-Year Deflationary Spiral Is About To End

Japan raised its consumption tax rate in 1997 – a recession soon followed as well as a deflationary spiral which has lasted to this day. With this month’s hike in the consumption tax from 5% to 8%, investors are fearful that history may repeat itself. This fear ignores several key differences. First, there’s no Asian […]