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Bob Chapman’s Friday Report: In An Unsustainable System, A Warning of Collapse

Stay safe. First buy food, then buy physical silver.

Bob Chapman: The State of Affairs on SGTBull 4/24/11

[part 1 video] [part 2 video] Comex default nears and $50 will be NO RESISTANCE. Stay safe. First buy food, then buy physical silver.

Keep Pressing : Weekly Telegram

We are being LOOTED. Share the knowledge and get the message out. First buy food, then buy PHYSICAL silver.

ZH: Guess Who’s Buying Silver Now

This ZeroHedge article give some links regarding the COMEX – JPM problems in the silver market. I have thought for some time that JPM will soon be forced to fulfill the short contracts they have and scramble to find the physical – the great short squeeze. Happy stacking!

JP Morgan COMEX Silver Delivery Fraud Update

Harvey Organ agrees. This whole JPM becoming a certified COMEX vault thing is a sham and JPM’s days are short. These are desperate moves and more people are beginning to agree. Harvey Organ article talked about in the video here. watch the video preceding this one here. Buy silver and get some popcorn cause this […]

JP Morgan DEFAULTS on their COMEX contracts! Then they cheat!

JP Morgan’s time is running out: Buy it while you can get your hands on it.

rawdoglet nails it : Silver & Economic Update!

This guy nails the whole silver market AND stock market situation. Buy the dips. [update 5/7/11: rawdoglet has removed his videos and I am trying to mirror them, stay tuned]

JP Morgan: silver shorts and copper with Harvey Organ

More info on the metals market and why it is rising: Buy silver here before it becomes impossible to obtain.

Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver explained

Silver prices, JP Morgan’s short position, and the Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver movement explained. In case you haven’t heard an explanation that makes sense to you yet, this guys hits it pretty well. Demand physical delivery, Buy Silver.

Old Silver videos and the new CFTC comments

Here are some Silver Manipulation videos and interviews that I dug up. This is by no means exhaustive but paints a picture of the last few years to indicate where Silver may be going. The real news is the article at the bottom of the page by ZeroHedge. I am very curious to see what […]