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What is happening with Silver?

Today Silver has hit a key resistance mark : $30. At the time of this post, it has hit it twice in one day. This is significant because hitting key resistance multiple times signifies a breakthrough and that resistance usually becomes support. As I am writing and checking the price, it has hit a vertical […]

JP Morgan purchases Copper

It was revealed this weekend [1] that JP Morgan bought a huge amount of copper from the London Metals Exchange. Somewhere between 50% and 80% of the exchange. Given that JPM is currently under investigation for manipulation of the Silver market, I would not be surprised if they are using their new copper ETF to […]

It’s the bankers or us – Alex Jones

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Possible future…

With wikileaks’ cablegate report out causing massive stir in the political arena, I am not sure if many people realized that they said their next target is a bank. I blogged about the crash JP Morgan, buy silver campaign before but this takes the attack on banks to a whole new level of accountability. Simple […]

What is ‘Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver’ all about?

Recently, Max Keiser came up with an idea to put JP Morgan out of business by getting as many people as possible to simply buy one or two ounces of physical silver. That is to say, a tangible piece of physical silver and not a silver stock, ETF, or Silver note. How does this work? […]

500 DOLLAR SILVER and JP Morgan

Have you heard it being talked about? “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver” is the war cry for an increasing mob of angry citizens fed up with what is going on in the banking and likewise mortgage sectors. Listen to Max Keiser explain it in his video: If there are enough people buying silver, JP Morgan […]