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Snoop Dogg Poses Over ‘Dead Trump’s’ Body In New Album Cover

World famous musician, Snoop Dogg just threw himself into headlines, but it’s not for his love of marijuana. This time, he’s getting attention for all the wrong reasons. Rapper Snoop Dogg has taken a break from garnering attention for cannabis by posing with president Donald Trump’s dead body on his new album cover. Snoop Dogg’s new […]

What if some like-minded people on ZeroHedge decided to create a new community?

“Community is not something you have, like pizza. Nor is it something you can buy. It’s a living organism based on a web of interdependencies- which is to say, a local economy. It expresses itself physically as connectedness, as buildings actively relating to each other, and to whatever public space exists, be it the street, […]

France’s Charlie Hebdo Magazine: “God Drowned All The Neo-Nazis In Texas”

We suspect readers will want to put down any sharp objects and find a 'safe space' before noting the following. Controversial French Satire magazine Charlie Hebdo – and victim of a 2015 terror attack that killed 12 staff-members after mocking Mohammed in a cartoon – has perhaps one-upped itself with its latest shocking cover mocking […]

Ann Coulter Explodes: The Left is ‘Trying to Incite Violence Against Trump and His Supporters’

Content originally published at Ann Coulter thundered on the Mark Simone show today, in light of recent events — calling out the left for fomenting violence — all stemming from their refusal to accept the election results on November 8th, 2016. “Hillary Clinton, the opponent, has announced she’s joining ‘The Resistance’, the resistance Mark […]

CNN Fires Host Who Called Trump A “Piece Of Shit”

It’s going from bad to worse for “unbiased” CNN staffers who just happen to have a vendetta with the president. Last week, after the latest London terrorist attack, in response to a Trump tweet suggesting that the terrorist attack is confirmation of the need for Trump’s “travel ban”, CNN host Reza Aslan flipped out, and […]

Liberals Outraged, Demand Termination After Bill Maher Says “I’m A House Ni**er”

Update: Bill Maher has issued an apology for using the N-word on Friday’s edition of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Maher said in a statement: “Friday nights are always my worst night of sleep because I’m up reflecting on the things I should or shouldn’t have said on my live show. Last night was […]

Ann Coulter Turns On Trump: “This Is The Great Negotiator?”

Ann Coulter was a Trump believer from the beginning.  As far back at June 2015 she predicted a Trump victory on the Bill Maher show and was openly mocked by the audience and other panelists.  But, turns out she was quite right.   Coulter even went on to publish a book entitled “In Trump We […]

Angry Turks Protest Near Rotterdam Consulate As Dutch Embassy In Turkey Closed Off

Update 2: Dutch authorities have arrested Turkey’s family minister and are deporting her to#Germany according to RTL. The escalation may lead to a spike by Turks in the Netherlands, with some speculating that a curfew is imminent: BREAKING | #Dutch authorities decided to arrest #Turkey‘s family minister and deport her to #Germany; operation to arrest […]

RussiaToday: TV Watershed: Kids protection law slammed over vague video rating

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