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Things Just Went Nuclear: “A Giant Shockwave Is About to Hit the US Economy”

This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse It is difficult to find the words to describe just how serious America’s trade war with China is becoming.  As you will see below, the two largest economies on the entire planet are on a self-destructive course that almost seems irreversible at this […]

Rickards Warns “Prepare For A Chinese Maxi-Devaluation”

Authored by James Rickards via The Daily Reckoning, China is a relatively open economy; therefore it is subject to the impossible trinity. China has also been attempting to do the impossible in recent years with predictable results. Beginning in 2008 China pegged its exchange rate to the U.S. dollar. China also had an open capital […]

Rickards Fears September Meltdown – “1000 Point Drops, Or A Closed Exchange?”

Authored by Craig Wilson via The Daily Reckoning, Jim Rickards joined Alex Stanczyk at the Physical Gold Fund to discuss current destabilizing factors that could drastically impact investors. During the first part of their conversation the economic expert delved into gold positioning for the future, the expanding threats from North Korea and liquidity in global […]

SNB Spent $68 Billion On Currency Manipulation In 2016

While Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed his displeasure with China for manipulating its currency, he appears to have recently figured out that over the past 2 years Beijing has been spending hundreds of billions in dollar to strengthen, not weaken, the Yuan and to halt the ~$1 trillion in capital flight from China. But while […]

How Cheap Debt Avoids Countries Of Going Bankrupt

It’s not a secret the cheap debt policy from the European Central Bank has really helped out several European countries to keep the government finances under control. Well, more or less, as several members of the Eurozone are still running huge budget deficits. Source: European Commission When the ECB was created, its main ( and […]

Back From Never Gone: CURRENCY WARS

In the previous episode of the currency wars, a few years ago, the Euro-Dollar exchange rate was in the spotlight. This has now completely disappeared to the background and whilst the countries of the Eurozone must be pretty happy with the weak currency (which boosts the export and increases the demand for domestically produced goods), […]

Could China Demand the US Dollar Lose Reserve Currency Status?

The biggest issue in the financial system… the issue that CNBC is completely avoiding… and 99% of professionals are ignoring is the US DOLLAR. The US Dollar has ripped to 103. This is a truly MASSIVE problem. The Chinese Yuan is linked to the US Dollar. With the US Dollar at these levels China has […]

Cash Is No Longer King: The Phasing Out Of Physical Money Has Begun

Submitted by Shaun Bradley via, As physical currency around the world is increasingly phased out, the era where “cash is king” seems to be coming to an end. Countries like India and South Korea have chosen to limit access to physical money by law, and others are beginning to test digital blockchains for their central […]

Turkey Wades into the Global Currency War / by John Galt / December 4, 2016 With the recent massive devaluation of the Turkish Lira due to the political instability inside of Erdogan’s Islamic dictatorship, the flow of Western money out of the country has created a vacuum and a scapegoat for the upcoming surge in inflation as the Lira declines in value. The […]