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Keep Going. This Too Shall Pass.

This article was originally published by Doug “Uncola” Lynn at The Toll Online Like the weather when a storm approaches, or as the seasons turn, or waves pounding on a shoreline, any deviations are measured and compared by speed and intensity. The same can be said for headlines: Omnibus, discouraged Deplorables, rumors of war, prospects […]

WealthCycles Video Report – April 2015

Hello and Welcome to the April edition of the WealthCycles Video Report.  In this episode Mike covers all of the big events in the last month that point to a weakening global dollar standard.  If events like these continue at the current rate, it won’t be long before the dollar loses its status as the world’s […]

Wealth Cycles Video Report – February 2015

  Hello and Welcome to the February 2015 edition of the WealthCylces Video Report.  The past month was relatively quiet after last month’s shock of the Swiss National Bank de-pegging from the euro, but a lot of lower profile events took place in the interim.  Be sure to watch this month’s report to get all […]

WealthCycles Video Report – January 2015

Hello and Welcome to the first WealthCycles Video Report of 2015.  We’re only three weeks in and 2015 has already produced some fireworks in the global financial markets. In this episode Mike gets us caught up on the events that will shape the rest of this year and beyond.  He covers: read more

U.S. Oil Infrastructure Expansion Walks Fine Line In Surviving Global Uncertainty, Eroding Public Trust

When one thinks natural gas in the States, T. Boone Pickens immediately comes to mind. An oilman and billionaire, he rolled out his “Pickens Plan” in 2008, with natural gas as a cornerstone. Writing in Forbes, Pickens explains, “The goal has been to get off OPEC oil by using natural gas for heavy duty trucking.” […]

Rare Cars, Like Numismatic Coins, To Make Better Hobbies Than Investments

Mike Maloney has long warned potential investors of the risks involved with numismatics, or collectible coins. In his book, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, he wrote: You should do your own research and decide for yourself. The more research that I do on this topic, however, the more I become convinced that (with […]

‘Delivery Drones,’ Killer Drones Raise Issue of Remote-Controlled War

By now everyone has seen the Amazon drone delivery service ad. But should we reconsider potential applications for technology, in keeping with the old saying, “just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should”? Now, just about two weeks ago, on December 3, Samy Kamkar published on SkyJack a video clip showing how to […]

International Relationships Characterized by Friend-Foe Cycles

A few of our more senior WealthCycles team members can remember, growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, the deep fear of catastrophic nuclear war, embodied in the Cold War antagonism between Communist China, the Soviet Union and the United States. It was a time when school children were taught to dive under their small […]

DAMAGED WEEKLY CHARTS / By TOBY CONNOR / SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2013 As I mentioned in my last post there is a disturbing possibility that gold’s intermediate cycle has topped, and done so in a left translated manner. For clarification, left translated cycles often lead to lower lows. In this case if gold did top on week 9 […]

Signals Strong That Metals Bottom Is Here

Insiders with GoldSilver will be familiar with our ongoing update of a chart idea we first saw posted at the Screwtape Files blog. The chart takes the ratio of the U.S. Treasury yield (as a funding cost proxy) and the silver price (most sensitive to economic activity) in predicting metals price runs. Based on the […]