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VIX Spikes Above 13 As Yesterday’s Buy-The-F**king-Fire-And-Fury-Dip Bounce Is Erased

The machines are patting each other on the back this morning. After crushing VIX into the close, to get the S&P back to even – proving that North Korea is a storm in a teacup – stuff is hitting the fan again overnight as Asian anxiety spreads into US markets with VIX spiking above 13 […]

Bond Bloodbath Continues, Tech Stocks Sink To 2-Month Lows

It all started off well, dip-buyers moved in on quiet volume and everything was awesome. But then the cash market opened and selling started in both bonds and stocks, slamming both to 2-month lows… The dead cat bounce in FANG stocks is over…   And the bond bloodbath continues…   As the dollar strengthens…   […]

WealthCycles Video Report – January 2015

Hello and Welcome to the first WealthCycles Video Report of 2015.  We’re only three weeks in and 2015 has already produced some fireworks in the global financial markets. In this episode Mike gets us caught up on the events that will shape the rest of this year and beyond.  He covers: read more

Central Bankers Differ On How Quick To Pull Printing Plug

Reports from the 2013 Economic Policy Symposium, held annually in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, revealed conflicting opinions among central bankers on whether to end stimulus activities now or keep the measures in place. The comments revealed a somewhat surprising divergence among international institutions that have pretty much marched in lock-step since the dollar-dominant Bretton Woods monetary […]

Full-Time Loses to Part-Time As Small Businesses Seek to Avoid Health Insurance Costs

The Obama Administration recently delayed the employer-mandate provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA—otherwise known as “Obamacare”) until 2015. This has not stopped the administration’s plans to enforce compliance nor business efforts to anticipate the coming changes. One of the most surprising unintended consequences of the looming implementation of ACA has been a big increase […]

Jackson Hole Kicks Off Fall Policy

The much anticipated news from the annual meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming failed to create much excitement. Everyone knows the Federal Reserve will eventually resume efforts to continue inflating the money supply to counteract the creeping deflation. Bernanke’s speech set the tone for policy as we kick off autumn. As we have previously surmised, Bernanke […]

Spain to Default – Spanish Bonds to be Restructured like Greek PSI

Readers following the news know that as of quite recent, a total of seven Spanish provinces have now checked in to alert all that they are insolvent and will need Spanish government bailouts. The trouble is that Spain itself will be out of cash by August, and as viewed by the market, will need public […]